In Conversation with Namit Garg CAT’20 100 %iler

Hi so we had an amazing conversation with Namit Garg on Feb the 12th where we discussed some interesting tips on preparation and exam strategy. Namit has secured a perfect 100 percentile and sure knows enough about belling the CAT.
I moderated the session on behalf of Hitbullseye and enjoyed the tips and advice Namit shared. One of the major takeaways is the Road Map which a CAT aspirant can follow if he/she is starting the preparation in February.
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So, considering the exam to be held in end of November this year let us divide the time in three-month sections.
In the month of March, April and May,you can start with Quant basics since there is a lot of syllabus to cover in comparison with DI LR or VA RC. Namit suggests to Focus on the NCERT 9th and 10th syllabus as it is the core syllabus of Quant for CAT.
Also,it is goodtime to start exploring DI LR as it is complex and it takes time to get comfortable with it. It only takes practice to master this section
Take out half an hour every day for reading and start from editorials which interest you and then gradually move to more complex content.
Moving forward in the month of June July and AugustNamit advices tostart practicing questions and try to judge your strong and weak sections. By this time, you can start taking sectional and full-length tests. Further Try to focus more on sections you are having problem with. If you face difficulty in DI LR, try solving different kind of sets daily and analyze the solutions well.
And finally, in the month of September October and November Develop mental patience to sit for a test. Practice by giving a lot of mock tests and use weekends specifically to give mocks.
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You can go forward and try giving two mocks in same day to develop mental stamina. You can give one in the morning and one in evening and compare your performance. Persistent efforts do give results as in the case of Namit Garg who scored a perfect 100 percentile in CAT 2020
The whole session has been very insightful and a lot of questions on tips and strategies were answered by Namit candidly. To know more you can check out the recording here on Hitbullseye channel
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