XAT 2014 Analysis

Analysis: XAT 2014
The difficulty level of XAT 2014 was tougher than that of XAT 2013. There was a slight decrease in number of question i.e. 83 from 85. Keeping these facts in mind the cutoffs will be lower than last year’s cutoffs.
Overview of the paper:
The paper had two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I was main question paper and Part II was General knowledge. Part I had three sections A, B and C with 28, 24 and 31 questions respectively, i.e. a total of 83 questions. The three sections of Part I were followed by Part II that had twenty questions on General knowledge. The time available for completing the three sections and general knowledge was 150 minutes. One was expected to answer first three sections in 140 minutes and General knowledge in 10 minutes. It was required for students to answer question from all sections and expected to maximize score in each sections. General knowledge marks would have been used by all institutes at the time of final selection and not for short listing candidates for Interview/GD. The three sections were as follows:
Overview of the XAT 2014 Paper
Time allotted 150 Minutes + 20 Minutes for Essay
Total no. of questions 83
Marking Scheme All questions carry equal marks
Sections 3
Number of choices 5
Negative Marking One fourth of a mark
Expected cut-offs * Score of 28+(approx. 95+%ile) : can expect a call from XLRI(BM)
Score of 26+(approx. 92+%ile): can expect a call from XLRI(HR)
Score of 22+(approx. 85+%ile): can expect a call from GIM/XIMB
Score of 19+(approx. 80+%ile): can expect a call from LIBA/BIM
Score of 17+(approx. 70+%ile): can expect a call from XIME/XISS
Overview of Different Sections
Sections Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Verbal Ability 28 Moderate
Decision Making 24 Moderate to Tough
Quantitative Ability 31 Tough
SECTION I: Verbal Ability
Area Tested Description No. of Questions
Verbal Ability RC 15
VR 4
Grammar 2
Sentence Rearrangement 2
Sentence Completion 5
Evaluation: Verbal section was dominated by Reading Comprehension & Sentence Completion based questions. There were questions on grammar, parajumbles and verbal reasoning etc. Overall feel of the section was moderate.
Comfortable Attempt: 14+
Achievable Score: 9+
SECTION II: Decision Making
Area Tested Description No. of Questions
Decision Making Decision Making 24
Evaluation: All Decision Making questions carried equal marks and was a combination of Decision Making and Caselet based reasoning questions. Overall the feel of the section was moderate to tough.
Comfortable Attempt: 14+
Achievable Score: 9+
SECTION III: Quantitative Ability
Area TestedDescriptionNo. of Questions
Quantitative Ability Algebra and Functions 2
Number System 5
Geometry 9
Average 1
Arithmetic sequence 1
Ratio and proportion 1
Probability 2
Tables 6
Line Graph 3
Logarithm 1
Evaluation: The feel of this section was tough. No direct questions were there. In DI also the graphs were difficult to interpret and the question required intensive calculations
Comfortable Attempt: 8+
Achievable Score: 6+
General Awareness
Evaluation: There were 20 questions in general awareness consisting of Static GK based questions covering Books Awards, Geography, History, Economics and constitution etc. The difficulty level was moderate.
Comfortable Attempt: 12+
Achievable Score: 8+
Essay Topic
A part from this student had to write an essay (Abstract topic), in not more than 200words, on the following topic
“The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched but can only be felt.”
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