How to improve Reading Comprehension for CAT

Reading Comprehension constitutes an important part of your preparation for CAT. In CAT, nearly 70% of the questions in VARC section are based on Reading Comprehension and the rest of the questions are from verbal ability. Students preparing for CAT should develop a reading habit so as to score well in the RC section. One must focus on grasping the central idea of passages and then attempt the questions. However, most students fail to understand this section due to the following reasons:
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  • Lack of vocabulary (Generic or Area specific)
  • Lack of practice
  • Lack of exposure to different genres
  • Lack of awareness of the tricks related to solving different types of questions
The crucial point is the need to maximize your score in RCs and this can be done with a good reading speed but not at the cost of accuracy. The more you read, the better your speed and accuracy will be. There are various resources which can help you in improving your RC skills. These resources are as follow:
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Read in between the lines.
How to improve score in RCs
2 keys to master RC
You can go through the following videos to understand RC concepts in a better manner.

Overview reading comprehension
Watch Video
RC - questions types
Tricky questions RC
Reading speed
Achievers Classroom - reading comprehension
Flame Uni.
As Suggested, you can practice the question from the following tests as well from

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Reading Comprehension Short test 01
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Reading Comprehension Short test 03
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Reading Comprehension Long Test 05
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