CAT Verbal Ability: Critical Reasoning - Part 2

In most of the competitive exams, you will find critical reasoning questions in the form of summary, inference, assumption, paradox, strengthen/weaken the conclusion based questions. You will find 3-5 questions based on critical reasoning in verbal ability section of CAT or any other MBA entrance level exam. The aim of this article is to teach you with the tricks and techniques of developing the critique to be able to develop a disciplined approach to thinking logically.

Types of questions
  • Resolve the paradox
  • Find an inference
  • Mimic the reasoning
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Can you resolve the paradox?

For resolving a paradox, it is first imperative to know what exactly paradox is. A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true (or wrong at the same time). For example: Rahul studies a lot and yet failed. Now looking at this statement, the paradox is that inspite of studying Rahul fails, whereas the expected response would be that he passed.

Resolving Paradox - Tips and Tricks
  • In questions regarding paradox, first identify the paradox.
  • The question can be of two types :
  • Resolving the paradox- In this type of question we find a solution for the paradox,
  • Explaining the discrepancy: In this type of question, we explain the paradox that can be found in question.

Definition- Inferences are conclusions drawn about the unknown on the basis of the known. Inferences check your ability to read between the lines.

The known data in the sentence used to conclude an inference is called facts. Thus all the inferences are based on facts and logic of deduction. For example: Rahul studies for 18 hours a day. Thus, the inference of this line is that Rahul is a studious boy, hardworking, diligent, focused etc.

Things inference cannot be
  • Restated fact
  • Example
  • Something not based on facts
Mimic the reasoning questions:

Every question has a unique reasoning which needs to be mimicked in the options given

Tips for mimicking the reasoning
  • Find the reason given in the question
  • Match / mimic this reason to the reason in options.
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Critical reasoning: Key Learning
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