Overview of 'General English' section of SNAP

SNAP is held every year in the month of December/January. It makes way for admission to the reputed colleges affiliated to Symbiosis International University. In comparison to CAT and XAT, SNAP is a considerably an easier exam. Also, the nature of questions in this exam varies widely from the other two tests. However, SNAP is a speed-based test and you will need to improvise your strategy to attain accuracy in the exam.
SNAP consists of three sections, that evaluates the candidates skills in English, Reasoning, Quant and DI. In this article, you will get an overview of the general English section of SNAP along with tips for important areas.
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SNAP General English: Important Areas
Before you start preparing for General English section, you must understand various types of related questions asked in the exam. SNAP has 15 General English questions carrying 1 mark each. These questions are mainly fetched from the following areas:
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Reading Comprehension: In general, SNAP reading comprehensions are easy to read and the questions that follow the passage are a mix of factual and inference-based questions. The overall level of the passages is easy to moderate in nature. For practicing SNAP level passages, you are advised to solve passages from previous year question papers. Moreover, the students should also read articles on different areas as this will help them to develop speed-reading skills and boost comprehension abilities.
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Grammar: Grammar has great significance for SNAP. These questions appear in a variety of forms. So, it is imperative for you to go through the basics of grammar well. Make sure you go through the following topics:
  • Basic Grammar and Parts of Speech
  • Noun and Pronoun usage rules
  • Subject Verb Agreement
  • Verb tense and Modal Verbs
  • Basic Usage of prepositions
Also, go through a list of idioms and their meanings. Further, the exam also features a number of easy fill-in-the-blank questions, which are essentially based on the correct use of prepositions and conjunctions. Most of these can be solved easily if you posses good knowledge of grammar rules and conventions.
Vocabulary: SNAP features questions such as Synonyms, Antonyms and Fill-in-the-Blanks based on vocabulary knowledge. The level of the words used in these questions varies from moderate to difficult. For this topic also, diverse reading can prove really useful. You can use flash cards for new words and try practicing them through your day-to-day communication.
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Verbal Reasoning: Although para-jumbles and critical reasoning do not feature heavily in the SNAP verbal section, you can still go through the basics of these topics and practice the related questions through previous year papers. This would ensure you are prepared for any eventuality in the exam.
Finally, you must assess your progress with the help of mock tests and sample papers. Accordingly, you can devise a strategy that works best for you.
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