Analysis of SNAP Test 2016

SNAP 2016 was different from last year’s as the number of questions as well as the marking scheme changed this year. This time the total number of questions and total marks were same. Each question was of one mark. Therefore each section had played important role in scoring well in this exam. Overall the feel of the paper was slightly easier than last year’s SNAP Paper. Verbal section was easy to moderate. Quant section was almost similar in terms of difficulty level. Analytical and Logical reasoning section was a little tricky. Overall time management and selection of questions would have played major role in clearing sectional as well as overall cut-off.
SNAP Prep Course
Overview of the paper:
There were 150 questions (4 Sections) in all and the time allotted was 2 hrs. The four sections were as follows:
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Overview Of Different Sections
Sections Total Marks No. of questions Level
General English 40 40 Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude, DI & DS 40 40 Moderate
General Awareness 30 30 Moderate to Tough
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 40 40 Moderate
Total 150 150 -
Overview of the SNAP:
Time allotted 2 Hrs.
Total no. of questions 150
Total Marks 150
Sections 4
Number of choices 4
Negative Marking 1/4
SECTION I: General English
Evaluation: This year verbal section had a fair mix of all conventional types of verbal questions ranging from grammar, vocabulary, fill-ups to reading comprehensions, sentence rearrangement etc. The section was dominated by vocabulary based questions followed by reading comprehension, grammar and sentence completion based questions. There were no surprise elements this year. In nutshell, questions were based on conventional areas. There were two RCs in the paper. One of the RCs was based on Euro- crisis and another one was based on thermal liquefaction. The questions based on them were very easy, & direct. A few grammar based questions purely checked the fundamentals of grammar. Vocabulary based questions were mostly easy to moderate. There were questions based on idiomatic usage. The reading speed and knowledge of basic vocabulary would have played the significant role in scoring well in this section. The overall feel of the section was easy to moderate.
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Comfortable Attempt: 24 to 28 questions in about 30 minutes.
Achievable Score: 18+ was an achievable score.
SECTION II: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & DS
Evaluation: This section covered almost all conventional topics of Quant. There were questions on Percentage, Average, Numbers, TSD, Geometry, Profit & Loss, Basic Algebra, Partnership, Permutation Combination & Probability etc. The questions on arithmetic were easy while on geometry a bit tricky and time consuming. One question was a mixture of surd and number system. The questions on probability was easy. There were 2 DI blocks of 3 questions each out of which one block (of blood pressure before and after exercise) was easy while second block (passengers in train) was time consuming.There were lot of questions in this section which were having None of these as correct option which checked the conviction of the test taker. Like last few years, there were no DS questions in this section. Overall the feel of the section was moderate and selection of question was important to get hold on the paper.
Comfortable Attempt: 16 to 20 questions in about 35 - 40 minutes.
Achievable Score: 14+ was an achievable score.
SECTION III: General Awareness
Evaluation: This section was dominated by current general awareness questions as mentioned in the notification itself. This section required you to be thorough with your knowledge of Business, Sports, Movies, awards and Government Policies etc. Questions were mostly based on current affairs with no emphasis on any area. Overall this section was moderate. The cut off expected in this section is not very high.
Comfortable Attempt: 12 to 15 questions in about 10-15 minutes.
Achievable Score: 8+ was an achievable score.
SECTION IV: Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Evaluation: This section covered various topics of reasoning from Coding Decoding, Blood Relation, Series, to Input Output and Puzzles. There were a few questions on Critical Reasoning. The four questions on Input - output were easy. There were conventional puzzles (insect eating the books and mixing the two liquids) .The series question and coding were bit confusing and time consuming. The non verbal questions were also confusing. Again selection of question was also important in this section to clear the cut off.
Comfortable Attempt: 17 to 20 questions in about 35-40 minutes.
Achievable Score: 16+ was an achievable score.
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Expected Cutoffs
Score of 72+ SIBM Pune & SCMHRD(Pune)
Score of 68+ SIBM (Bengaluru) & SIIB (IB)
Score of 62+ SITM, SIOM, SIBM (Hyderabad)
Score of 54+ SCIT, SIMS, SIIB (Energy/Agriculture)
Score of 46+ SICSR, SSBF
Score of 38+ SIMC, SSMC, SIHS
*Disclaimer: All the above given information is based on personal opinion of hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factor have been considered before giving these cut-offs however, It has nothing to do with original cut-offs.
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