SNAP 2012 Analysis

Analysis: SNAP 2012
SNAP 2012 did not give any surprises as the paper was similar to last year's SNAP paper. The number of questions and marking scheme were exactly the same. The difficulty level of the paper was again easy. Overall the feel of the paper was easy and doable.
Overview of Different Sections
There were 150 questions (4 Sections) in all and the time allotted was 2 hrs. The four sections were as follows:
  • General English
  • Quantitative & Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
  • General Awareness
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Overview of the SNAP Paper
Sr. No. Sections Total Marks No. of questions Level
1 Verbal Ability 40 40 Moderate
2 Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation 40 40 Easy
3 General Awareness 40 40 Moderate to Tough
4 Analytical Reasoning 60 30 Easy to Moderate
5 Total 180 150  
Overview of the SNAP Paper
Time allotted 2 Hrs.
Total no. of questions 150
Total Marks 180
Marking Scheme Different for different sections
Sections 4
Number of choices 4
Negative Marking 1/4
Expected cutoffs* 96+ : can expect a call from SIBM & SCMHRD
85 - 95: can expect a call from SIIB, SIOM, SITM
70 - 84: can expect a call from SIMC, SCIT, SIMS, SIG, SIHM, SICSR
* - In some of the Symbiosis institutes, overall profile (academic performance, work experience, extra co-circular activities etc.) is seen rather than only SNAP score.
SECTION I: General English
Evaluation: The verbal section had a few changes in comparison last year's verbal section. As compared to 6 RCs in the last paper, there was only 1 RC (easy) in this year's exam, while the rest of the section was filled with grammar and vocabulary based questions. There were questions on the parts of speech, types of sentences, sentence rearrangement, sentence completion and vocabulary based analogy questions also. Overall this section was easy to moderate.
SECTION II: Quantitative & Data Interpretation
Evaluation: There were basic questions on percentages, Number system, TSD, Geometry, Profit & Loss, Probability, Basic Algebra, Log etc. This year there were no DI and DS questions but an easy case (based on salary, provident fund, house rent etc.). Overall, the section was dominated by arithmetic questions.
Comfortable Attempt: 30 to 34 questions in about 35 - 40 minutes.
Achievable Score: 26 + was an achievable score.
SECTION III: General Awareness
Evaluation: This section was dominated by questions from the field of business and commerce and required the test taker to be thorough with knowledge of Business, Foreign Policy, Sports, Movies and Government Policies, Physics, chemistry, Constitution etc. Overall, this section was moderate to difficult.
Comfortable Attempt: 10 to 15 questions in about 10-15 minutes.
Achievable Score: 10 + was an achievable score.
SECTION IV: Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Evaluation: There were 2 very easy AR blocks in this year's exam. The paper also had questions on Venn diagram, condition based input questions. This was the highest scoring section as the questions were 2 marks each.
Comfortable Attempt: 22 to 26 questions in about 40 minutes.
Achievable Score: 36 + was an achievable score.
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