How I Cracked SNAP?

Rishav Sharma
99.9%ile (SNAP Region's Topper)
SNAP Prep Course
  • When did you start preparing?
    Hitesh: I started preparing for SNAP and other MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT.
    Rishav Sharma: I started with coaching 12 months ago. Initially, I was just regular with the classes and used to put in less time for preparation but gradually, about 3-4 months ago, I got serious for it.
  • Did coaching play an important role in your preparation?
    Hitesh: Coaching has undoubtedly added a lot to my preparation. I think that the regular classes, class tests, mocks and mentoring provided by the faculty is extremely important.
    Rishav Sharma: The competitive platform and the interactive environment provided in the coaching classes helped a lot. Along with that, the study material and mocks were really helpful.
  • How did you handle your college studies and SNAP preparation?
    Hitesh: I planned a timetable and gave fixed hours to my preparation on a daily basis.
    Rishav Sharma: It was quite difficult to manage both, but by being regular in my studies I could manage both well.
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  • What is your take on SNAP's pattern?
    Hitesh: Since it is an offline exam and many of us have the habit of taking online mocks as CAT is online; so it's become mandatory to take sufficient offline mocks as well.
    Akshay: SNAP exam is a speed driven exam. So it is important to manage time well.
  • How did online material help you prepare?
    Hitesh: Material available online was helpful due to its ready accessibility. Also, there's no limit to it.
    Rishav Sharma: The videos on various topics- exam analysis, exam strategy, academic videos were very useful. Also, the academic content really provided some good tips and tricks to prepare thoroughly.
  • How did you analyze those tests?
    Hitesh: Analyzing the mocks benefitted me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Also, it helped me understand a pattern in my attempts which eventually helped me make a strategy for the final exam.
    Rishav Sharma: It is only through analyzing that I got to know various methods to solve questions in a better way. Along with that, the mock analysis provided by hitbullseye was helpful in solving questions in a better way and to make a better exam strategy.
  • What timetable did you follow?
    Hitesh: On an average, I gave 2-3 hours to my entrance exams' preparation.
    Rishav Sharma: I didn't follow a strict time table. At the same time, I was consistent with my preparation.
  • What was your preparation strategy?
    Hitesh: I worked on my strengths and weaknesses and took as many mocks as I could. Also, in the last month, I solved a lot of GK questions.
    Rishav Sharma: My strategy was to not leave any topic and try solving questions in a better and simpler way. For this, I devoted time to each topic and did a lot of practice.
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  • How was your experience on the exam day?
    Hitesh: It was a good experience. The conduct was smooth and I could manage time well.
    Rishav Sharma: I was able to complete the exam on time. Since it was an offline exam, I made sure that I marked answers on the answer sheet after every 10 minutes.
  • According to you, what are the most important topics for SNAP prep?
    Hitesh: According to me, GK was the game changer. It is a make or break section.
    Rishav Sharma: Some questions are peculiar to SNAP and are really important. They require some extra effort to prepare well.
  • How many hours did you study on daily basis?
    Hitesh: Approximately 3 hours a day.
    Rishav Sharma: I was consistent throughout the preparation phase but as such I didn't fix hours on daily basis.
  • Your advice to future SNAP takers?
    Hitesh: Practice a lot of questions. Usually we avoid the pattern and prepare in general for all the entrance exams. But SNAP is not to be taken lightly. Some peculiar questions are asked in SNAP. So do practice those.
    Rishav Sharma: Take at least 5-10 mocks based on the same pattern.
  • How did you de-stress yourself?
    Hitesh: By going to the gym or exercising regularly.
    Rishav Sharma: Watching movies, TV series, and playing games helped me de-stress myself.
  • What did you do to overcome your weaknesses?
    Hitesh: By practicing more and more questions from different topics and taking mocks after a regular interval.
    Rishav Sharma: By analyzing mocks properly.
  • How did you balance all the 5 sections?
    Hitesh: I balanced my time well and that is what helped me get good scores.
    Rishav Sharma: Since there is no sectional time limit its important to balance time among various sections. First, I attempted sufficient questions to clear the cutoff and afterwards I tried maximizing my score by solving reasoning and quant questions as they are my strength areas.
  • How many mock tests did you take?
    Hitesh: I took a total of 10 mocks based on SNAP pattern. Apart from this, I took other exams' mocks as well which added to my preparation.
    Rishav Sharma: I took 5 mocks in all and help my preparation go smooth.
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  • Manage your time well in SNAP as it is a speed driven exam
  • Since there is no sectional time limit or sectional cut offs , focus on your areas of strength
  • Formulate a well planned exam strategy by taking mock tests based on SNAP Exam Pattern
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