How to improve in Geometry & Mensuration

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Mensuration and geometry is one of the favorite areas of examiners. Questions from this area appear in a significant proportion in the Quant section of almost all the competitive exams. If you go through the previous CAT papers, you will see around 4 – 5 questions in each of these. In order to improve in this area, firstly you should be clear about all the basic shapes and the formulas related to geometry. You should revise the formulas related to perimeter, area, surface area, volume of all the two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures as well as important theorems like mid-point theorem, proportionality theorem, Apollonius theorem and angle-bisector theorem. You are expected to know the difference between lines like median, altitude, height, perpendicular, tangent, inradius, circumradius etc. As there are plenty of figures and formulas in geometry, you must practice sufficient number of questions from this area before attempting the questions in the exam.
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Geometry - Polygons
Area enclosed under region.
Geometry - Wastage is not always a waste
Bring in Focus – PYTHAGORUS
Similar or Dissimilar
Geometry – Angle Bisector Theorem
Geometry-Application of Similarity SJ – HS
Net Percentage change in Volume, Geometry or Percentage
Tangents and Chords ; These are not Lords
You can go through the following videos you understand the concepts in a better manner.

Achievers Classroom - Geometry - Advanced I
Watch Video
Mensuration 2D
Watch Video
Achievers Classroom - Geometry - Advanced II
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Geometry - Triangles (Centroid & Orthocentre)
Watch Video
Geometry - Triangles
Watch Video
Geometry – Quadrilaterals
Watch Video
Mensuration – Three Dimensional
Watch Video
Geometry – Pythagoras Theorems
Watch Video
Geometry - Polygons
Watch Video
As Suggested, you can practice the question from the following tests as well from
Geometry & Mensuration Basic 01
Geometry & Mensuration Basic 02
Geometry & Mensuration Test 01
Geometry & Mensuration Test 02
Geometry & Mensuration Test 03
Geometry & Mensuration Test 04
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