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CAT exam is unlike general aptitude tests and it evaluates students for their time management skills. Therefore it is prudent for serious candidates to prepare with the help of seasoned experts, who can provide them with strategies to carefully choose questions and then solving them quickly with fast problem solving techniques.

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CAT Online Coaching

Smart Approach to CAT Exam

The highlight of Hitbullseye’s Online classroom program is that you can attend classes from anywhere and anytime at your convenience. Our academic model is built to provide a holistic pre-class and post-class learning experience. The classes are quite interactive and engaging, thus enabling personalized attention and mentoring for all students. Our faculty members, with 25+ years of experience, are industry experts who have been guiding and preparing students for multiple competitive examinations. Our CAT online coaching system comprises the following resources:

Online Classroom

Study Packs

Test Series

Free Prep

Why opt for CAT Online Coaching?

CAT aspirants often get confused about whether to seek coaching or rely on self-study. Well, honestly, either can work well, depending on the conditions. However, if you look at the present scenario, the majority of the test-takers are working professionals or students completing graduation. For such aspirants, it does take a lot of time and effort to gather the right resources and prepare on their own. Thus, it requires experienced mentors and academicians to ensure that CAT aspirants are able to put an effective effort into preparation.

Thankfully, we live in a technology-driven era. So, there is no dearth of options for CAT coaching, especially in the online mode. At Hitbullseye, students can choose among different modules for CAT online coaching as per their suitability and preference. In addition, there is also free prep material available for students who wish to initially begin with self-study.

Benefits of CAT Online Coaching

No doubt, the online mode of education is no longer new to the world, yet the trend saw a high surge only during the time of the pandemic. And today, here we are, getting used to the new ways of learning! Along with a great many valuable lessons that covid-19 taught us, one of them was the positive side of online coaching. Given below is a brief overview of the prominent benefits of taking CAT online coaching:

  • Time-Saving:Online classrooms offer the advantages of time efficiency and resource-saving, as there is no need to commute to coaching classes. They provide flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience, choose suitable batch timings, access study materials from home, and review lessons as many times as required.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional classrooms, online education uses less money and resources. As the CAT exam is computer-based, it is more logical to prepare for the test in a similar manner. With all sources available in digital form, you don’t have to spend money on physical books, test papers, etc.
  • Diverse Range of Peer Learning: Online courses enable significantly greater peer learning as you can interact with students across India. In other words, you can pick on the minds of CAT aspirants from a variety of backgrounds. This also helps you stay motivated and keep tabs on the level of competition.
  • Updated Study Material: It is relatively easier and faster to update study materials in an online format than in a physical one. So, even in terms of quality of education, online coaching classes prove more efficient in preparing students as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Further, after you clear the CAT exam, you can make use of coaching for the next selection rounds like group discussion/exercise, written ability test, personal interview, etc.

Lastly, as they say, “Behind every successful person, there is a coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be."

How to Decide Which Online CAT Coaching Is Right for You?

These days, there are a number of online coaching facilities, each of which asserts that it offers the most effective preparation tools. It is true that some of them provide cutting-edge and adaptive scholastic material, but definitely not all of them.

So, it is vital to verify the credibility and authenticity of these portals/ institutes before you expend time, effort, and money on their study material. In order to differentiate between the authenticity of these multiple sources, here are a few considerations that will assist you:

Course Structure: The first thing you should consider is the format, duration, and progression of the online course/ classes. Make sure that all of the significant topics and areas are covered in the course. In addition, you should also check if there are sufficient practice tests, concept lessons, and feedback sessions to assist you

Teaching Methodology: These days, different coaching institutes have varied techniques and approaches to teaching students. The goal of these approaches is to facilitate learning that is more rapid and effective. Therefore, you must ensure that an easy teaching methodology is being used that is easy for you to follow and understand.

Faculty: The faculty is the crown of any institute. There is a strong relationship between the competence and experience of the instructors, tutors, and mentors and the performance of the students. So, you must make sure that the faculty members have relevant experience in addition to good academic backgrounds.

Results: The results of any given course or institute speak volumes about its credibility and the level of preparation it provides. You should discuss the results of the institute/course with your seniors or former students, who can give candid opinions and provide the necessary information.

Last but not least, you should check the pricing of the online course and determine whether or not it is fair.

Our CAT online coaching are based on the given pattern:

  • Live Lectures: Hitbullseye offers both weekday and weekend classes, as per your suitability and convenience. Our CAT online classes are conducted to give you a real-time classroom experience. In these lectures, you will achieve good conceptual clarity on important topics.
  • Study Material & Tests: Our CAT online coaching courses include our in-house published, well-curated study material, sectional tests, chapter-wise tests, recorded video lectures, eBooks, assignments, and more. IIMians, IITians, and seasoned experts meticulously create the study material using the most recent exam pattern and anticipated questions.
  • AI- Analysis: The test series provided by us is backed by AI-based analysis. Each test that you take will instantly show you the analysis, highlighting your areas of strength and weakness, making it convenient for aspirants to work out their strategy.
  • Doubt Sessions: For each concept class, there is a corresponding doubt class where you can get all your ambiguities resolved by the respective faculty members.
  • Big Bull Ki Pathshala: Special sessions are organized with CAT toppers, industry experts, and IIM alumni. In these, you will get to know smart tricks, strategies, and tips for acing the exam with a high score. Big Bull Ki Pathshala (BBKP) sessions are generally held every 15 days.
  • 24x7 Support: Dedicated discussion groups are formed, where you can converse with your fellow aspirants and ask your doubts of our mentors and faculty. There are one-on-one sessions with our experts and counselors for additional guidance and counseling.
  • Apart from the course study material, you can explore our free preparatory articles, strategy videos, mock tests, etc.

Common Doubts regarding CAT Online Coaching

Since the trend of online coaching courses is relatively new, students often have some doubts and queries related to their reliability. Here, we clarify the most common misgivings regarding CAT Online Coaching.

1. Which offline coaching is best for CAT?

Today, there are several institutes that offer good course packages for CAT preparation. You can opt for any of the suitable courses, as per your preferences and convenience. To learn more, check out our CAT Coaching Centres.

2. Can the Online Coaching courses prepare me for the entire CAT syllabus?

Definitely. The course includes video/live lectures, ebooks, tests, etc. for each topic of the CAT syllabus. You can revise your lessons any number of times. So, if you opt for a complete course, you can be sure of proper CAT preparation

3. What are live lectures?

Our experienced faculty conducts live lectures in online classes. These classes are not pre-recorded videos. They are designed to imitate a true classroom experience. The live lecture will run only during the mentioned times. During the live class, you will find a Chat Box window through which you can ask your doubts/questions. The faculty member will answer your queries during the class session. Further, an Interactive Whiteboard allows the teachers to showcase sample problems and solve them in real-time.

4. If I miss a live lecture, how do I cover up?

Every live lecture will be available on your Hitbullseye dashboard after two days. However, you won’t be able to ask your doubts while viewing the recording of a live lecture. Additionally, we share the schedule on the course page in advance so that you do not miss your live lectures.

5. If I buy more than one online course, can I access both from the same account?

Yes, you can access the content of both courses from the same account. However, you will need to make payments separately by clicking on the payment link on each course page.

6. Is my payment secure?

Yes, we take your security extremely seriously. For your payments, we use PayU, PayTM, and GooglePay, three trusted payment gateways. Your payment will be made through these gateways only. If you pay by credit or debit card, we never store your credit/debit number or your security code (CVV code).

7. Can I go through the courses on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access your course contents simply by logging in to the course page (as per the details sent in the welcome mail).

8. Are the Online Coaching courses sufficient to crack CAT?

Yes, definitely. Our CAT Online Coaching is specifically designed to replicate physical classes. The courses aim to provide complete handholding to students at every step of their preparation. The pre-assessment tests will allow you to gauge your proficiency level in a particular topic. The conceptual video/live lectures, and ebooks will help you gain good conceptual clarity. In the live lectures and discussion groups, you can interact with teachers just like in an actual classroom. Finally, mock test analysis will let you monitor your progress and aid in further improvement.

9. Is there any major difference in the content of Classroom and Online Coaching?

No. The online courses incorporate the same faculty, syllabus, material, and resources. The only difference is that with Live Online Classes, students do not physically visit a classroom. However, it is live and interactive, ensuring the same quality of preparation. The online courses are available in multiple batches at different times. Everything else, including the flow of lectures, topics, and subjects covered, remains the same. Also, the online courses are priced at approximately one-fourth the cost of offline courses.

10. Which online coaching is best for CAT?

Hitbullseye is the fastest-growing online test prep portal, with a 20+ year legacy of training students for various competitive exams. Our academic experts and mentors have guided lakhs of aspirants and prepared them for their dream college/university. With the most updated study material and experienced faculty, Hitbullseye can turn out to be your best choice for CAT preparation.

11. Are 3 months enough for CAT?

Yes, you can prepare for the CAT in just three months if you follow a well-planned study schedule with complete focus. For instance, for the first 1-2 months of your preparation, you can work on your conceptual clarity and practice topic-wise and sectional tests. In the last 2 months, you can check your progress with full-length mock tests. This will help reflect on your strong and weak areas, and strategize accordingly.

12. What is a good attempt in CAT?

For a good percentile, you should target answering nearly 70% of the questions with high accuracy. Also, you need to take care of attaining a high sectional percentile, by solving a sufficient number of questions in each section.

13. How many hours should I study for the CAT?

Ideally, you should spend at least 2-4 hours studying for the CAT every day during your preparation journey. However, it is even better if you can spare more time for it.

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