NMAT Exam Pattern 2024

NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) is a gateway to a large number of reputed MBA colleges, including Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Over 50,000 candidates appear for the NMAT every year, making it one of the most popular entrance tests.
In 2024, NMAT is expected to be held in October NMAT registration is expected to begin from August. Since 2020, there have been certain significant changes in the format and mode of the exam. In this article, you will learn about the complete details of the NMAT 2024 exam pattern and marking scheme.
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NMAT 2024
NMAT is a computer-adaptive test, composed of three sections. The total duration of the exam is two hours and each section has individual time limits. From 2020, the NMAT exam will be conducted in two testing modes – Computer-Based Test at Exam Centres and Online-Proctored test from home. Further, both modes are available in India, whereas the students at Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal will be able to take the exam in online-proctored mode only.
NMAT follows a uniform marking scheme across all sections and the final marks are evaluated on a scaled score range of 36-360.
NMAT Prep Course
Illustrated below is the complete NMAT 2024 Exam pattern:
NMAT Exam Pattern 2024
Sr.No. Section No. of Questions Time (Minutes) Score Range
1 Language Skills 36 28 12-120
2 Quantitative Skills 36 52 12-120
3 Logical Reasoning 36 40 12-120
Total 108 120 36-360
NMAT 2024: Key Features
  • Owing to the computer-adaptive nature of NMAT, its questions are selected based on the candidate's performance in the previously answered questions.
  • All the questions in the exam are of Multiple Choice Types (MCQ).
  • There is no negative marking in NMAT exam. So, the candidate can attempt most of the questions instead of skipping them by using their calculated guess without any fear of penalties for every wrong answer.
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  • One of the distinctive features of the NMAT 2024 Exam Pattern is that the Test Taker can choose the order of sections. But, you are required to follow the chosen order all through the exam.
  • Each of the three sections of the NMAT 2024 Exam is individually timed. Therefore, the candidate must complete the respective sections within the allotted time
  • Another unique feature of the exam pattern is the Uniform Marking System. For every right answer, 1 mark is rewarded, and there will be no penalty for un-attempted questions.
  • However, if one candidate closes a section after completing it they will not be able to review it again. Therefore, candidates must review each section within the allotted time.
  • In case a candidate completes the section before the section-time gets over, the balance time of the given section is not added to the next section(s). The next section has its own time limits and needs to be completed in the allotted sectional time only.
  • The major advantage of NMAT is that the aspirant can take the NMAT 2024 exam three times in a given admission cycle. By this, candidates can improve their score to get admissions to the top B-schools.
  • Also, the candidate gets the opportunity to schedule the test date, time, and test centre location at his/her convenience.
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    Once you are clear with the exam pattern, you can start planning your NMAT preparation schedule for different sections.
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