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NMAT by GMAC is a national-level exam conducted for admission to MBA programmes in institutes under NMIMS University and various other colleges across India and some countries. NMIMS, has been ranked amongst the top B-schools in India, but it accepts only NMAT score for its MBA admissions.
Since there is tough competition for all MBA entrance exams, you need to prepare well to bring out effective results. There are various NMAT books available in the market and the internet to help you clear the exam but not everything is relevant. We have reviewed various books and have complied the best NMAT books for preparation that will take you to the next level.
Given below is a list of books for the various sections in NMAT.
NMAT Prep Course
Best NMAT Preparation books for Quantitative Skills
This section contains questions based on both Quant and DI. Quant questions are based on topics like Ratio-Proportion, Time-Work, Averages, Number system, Speed Time and Distance etc. DI questions are based on graphs, tables, pie-charts etc.
For quant you can go for the following books-
These books will be a valuable resource for you during the preparation of the NMAT exam. These NMAT books have been meticulously crafted and all challenging quantitative problems have been made accessible and solvable. The book provides clear explanations on a wide range of practice questions with detailed solution strategies so that it can cater to both beginners and advanced learners. The book also includes various tips, tricks, common pitfalls, and time management strategies that enhance problem-solving skills and boost confidence. Our experts have illustrated multiple examples and practice exercises to reinforce understanding and aid retention. Apart from all the material there is online support and additional resources that will add immense value. These books are considered the best for MBA aspirants aiming to conquer the QA section with confidence and competence.
Another excellent resource for mathematical learning is Hitbullseye's 'Math Formulae & Concept Revision'. This book includes a collection of formulas and understanding of mathematical concepts. The study material has been designed to simplify challenging topics into small segments for better understanding. The book is a comprehensive guide for MBA-NMAT exams, ensuring thorough preparation. Each Formula and concept has been remarkably explained in detail along with practical examples and real-world applications to enhance understanding.
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Best books for Logical Reasoning
The questions in this section are bifurcated into verbal reasoning and logical ability. Questions from verbal reasoning include Strong & Weak arguments, Conclusions, Course of Action, Critical Reasoning etc. Logical Ability consists of questions from areas such as Blood relations, Calendars, Family tree, Seating arrangements, Puzzles, Series etc.
For LR you can refer to the following books-
Make sure you check out the recommended NMAT preparation books, particularly for the Logical Reasoning (LR) section, which offers a detailed approach to tackle any problem. The book breaks down complex concepts into small parts and progressively introduces them with examples to ensure a thorough understanding. This NMAT book also provides a wide variety of practice questions that reflect the range and depth of NMAT exam questions, the book serves as a comprehensive training ground for aspirants.
Logical Reasoning is a tricky section which needs to be practiced several times before the actual exam day to enhance accuracy. This will help in better question selection and avoid surprises on the day of the exam. The book also provides tips to manage time better and attempt maximum questions within the time-limit.
To improve and practice choose from these online mock tests to know the level of your preparation.
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Best books for Language Skills
This section is similar to the VR and RC section of CAT. The popular sub topics include Reading Comprehensions and other one-liner questions such as grammar, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, para-jumbles, fill in the blanks, sentence correction etc.
For this section the following books will suffice-
The VARC book series offers complete coverage for various MBA exams like CMAT, GRE, NMAT and GMAT. These NMAT books provide focused content on essential areas such as Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Verbal skills. Focus on choosing a strategic learning structure that includes theory, strategic planning, and targeted practice, students can study methodically and systematically to achieve optimal outcomes. The series also ensures in-depth explanations and diverse question sets to fully equip students to tackle examination questions. Emphasizing analytical thinking and strategic preparation, this series aims to enhance students' preparedness and increase their chances of success in competitive exams.
These books are all that you will need along with exhaustive practice and a good strategy for a good score to secure a seat in the NMAT Exam. You are also advised to take mock tests based on the latest NMAT pattern so that you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses and perform well in the actual exam.
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NMAT eBooks by Hitbullseye
In order to streamline your NMAT preparation Books, we have compiled exclusive eBooks for different sections. These books throw light on the most important and tricky topics of NMAT syllabus. Additionally, you will get an ample amount of practice questions for every chapter. Some of the eBooks are devised to guide you in your preparation plan and exam strategy. Download these eBooks and brace up for NMAT.
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