Ace the Verbal Section of MAH MBA-CET

Even though most of the entrance exams of this season are behind us, yet it is time to focus on the final entrance exam for this exam season. The test, MAH-CET, is predominantly a state-level MBA entrance exam for admissions into the MBA colleges of Maharashtra. However, students outside the state also can take this test. This article will discuss the strategy to score well in the verbal section of this exam.

Overview of the MAH-CET Verbal Ability Section:
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Before moving further, let's have a look at the exam pattern for the last year: The verbal section had around 60 questions. The verbal section was dominated by reading comprehension and critical reasoning-based questions. The other areas covered are sentence completion, cloze test, sentence rearrangement and vocabulary-based questions. So it is clear that you need to increase the scope of your preparation in order to master the exam and score well in it successfully. There is no negative marking in this exam.

MH-CET Prep Course

MAH-CET introduces minor variations in the exam pattern year to year, and some of the question types might disappear this year, and new ones might be present in place of them. This is why it is important that you solve the MAH MBA-CET papers for the previous 5 years.

The pattern above highlights the following:

  • The exam tests a mix of reading, reasoning and vocabulary skills.
  • Reading comprehension forms a very important part of the exam.
  • The reading section does not require focused and in-depth reading as the passages are easy to moderate.
Tips to Ace the Verbal Ability Section

MAH-CET provides you a total of 150 minutes to solve 200 questions. Out of these 150 minutes, you should try to spend 45 to 50 minutes on Verbal Ability. Remember, the top institutes in MAH-CET do have sectional cut-offs and you are advised to balance your sectional attempts in case these institutes are your target. In case you are targeting institutes other than the top ones, you can probably devote extra time to the areas of your strength and try to maximize your overall score in the exam.

Another unique aspect of this exam is that all the questions from different sections are randomly scattered and are not arranged section-wise. If this happens this time also, then also it is advisable to attempt the questions from the same section in one go.

The paper also has a few questions based on verbal reasoning like statement /arguments, statement /assumption, statement/course of action etc.

To score well in verbal section, you need to focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. It is very important to strengthen the fundamentals of reading comprehension and critical reasoning. Overall the feel of the paper is easy to moderate, so you should try to maximize your attempts with reasonable accuracy of 75-80%.

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