MH- CET MBA 2017 Analysis

MH-CET for MBA/MMS Institutes in Maharashtra has again come in the limelight this year, not just for its increased competition but also for the surprises in the test. The test having 95000 aspirants this year saw an increase of about 20,000 applications compared to CET-2016. IBPS, the body designing Test for DTE, maintained the Test toughness up even this year with the sectional bifurcation same as the previous year.

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The test was performed on 4th and 5th March, with 2 slots a day.

The Test Pattern and an exhaustive analysis of different sections is given below :

Test Pattern
Sr No. Section Questions
1 Logical + Critical Reasoning 75
2 Verbal Reasoning 50
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50
4 Abstract Reasoning 25
Total 200

The main highlights of the test are:

  • Each question carried 1 mark, with no negative marking for the incorrect responses. The time allotted was Two and a half Hours.
  • The Test was well designed with almost glitch free conduct all across Maharashtra. The interesting thing this year was that the level of difficulty in all the four slots was apparently the same and that should keep you happy even after the normalization happens.
  • Most of the test- takers found the test very lengthy.
  • It was a paper, in which a score of 120 to 125 marks would easily fetch 99+ percentile and a score of 100 to 120 would be in the range of 95 to 99 percentile.

The sectional analysis of MH- CET MBA is as follows:

Quantitative Aptitude:

There were four DI Sets with around 20 questions all together. Most of these 20 questions were the easiest questions in the entire CET. The questions were typical conventional percentage calculation based questions. Although the test setter ensured that question from every chapter of the Math gets asked, the section had lesser inclusion of Basic Arithmetic and Algebra and a wider inclusion of questions from Work and Time, Speed and Ratio. It's normally the opposite in the other exams. The questions were all conventional, but a bit calculation driven. 35+ marks in 50 mins were possible.

Logical Reasoning:

As expected the data arrangement was the major part in this section. Two sets were data intense and needed some time to arrange it. In fact one of the data arrangement set was also asked in the IBPS final (Bank Entrance). The other Non-verbal sets were made lengthy by stretching the directions to reach the final options. For example: the simple Symbol operations were twisted, to form a question that asks the candidates to pick the conclusions that were definitely false, followed by the options that asked them to check different combinations of those statements to reach the final option. All in all, getting above 50 corrects in 60 mins was not easy.

Verbal Reasoning:

The passages were moderate and sufficiently big for 5 questions and had implied questions more than the stated questions.

The biggest surprise in this section was in the sentence correction part. CET did not have those "Spot the error" in the form of 'Part error,' but a 5-6 lines paragraph that had three places in the paragraph where the underlined parts were to be corrected, with different combinations of the three parts given below the passage and then followed by different combinations of those statements to pick the right option. That was indeed painful for 1 mark.

The Cloze passage with 5 questions did not have simple prepositions and easy verbs, but had some phrases/compound words in the form of options. A well prepared student should expect 20-25 in 30 mins.

Abstract Reasoning:

This section had a favorable surprise. Most of the questions were easy, unlike the previous year questions where more than two logical sequences were inserted in one question. The faster method that we practice in hitbullseye was overwhelmingly used in it. It was possible to manage 25 questions in 10 mins.

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