MH-CET MBA 2016 Analysis

MH-CET or MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2016 is the official state level entrance test for admission to MBA/MMS programs affiliated to universities in Maharashtra. The test, and the following admission process (CAP - Common Admission Process), is conducted by Maharashtra's Directorate of Technical Education (DTE).The CET is the gateway to top colleges like SIMSREE and PUMBA. Many private colleges in Maharashtra also accept CET scores for their PGDM programs. The exam is generally held in mid March. The notification is out by mid January.

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MH-CET MBA 2016 – Overview
  • The peculiar aspect of this exam is that the questions are randomly scattered and are not arranged section wise.
  • The total number of questions were 200, to be solved in 150 minutes
  • There was no negative marking.
  • There were only four options per question, as opposed to five in the past.

Following is the analysis for the important topics and areas to be expected in the MH-CET 2016 exam:

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for MH-CET 2016

This section generally comprises of questions from verbal ability and reading comprehension. Following are the major areas from which questions have been asked in the various previous year papers of MH-CET:

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Passages
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Vocabulary
  • Mark the Error
  • Word Arrangement
  • Odd man out
Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation for MH-CET 2016

In previous years the CET exam used to have around 20-25 questions on QA. However, the number of questions in QA in the different slots of last year's MH-CET was around 40-45. In all the slots, QA questions were dominated by:

  • Arithmetic (Averages, Ratio-Proportion, Time and Work, Time-Speed-Distance).
  • Functions and maxima-minima
  • Remainder theorem
  • Probability and Permutation and Combination (mainly Fundamental Principle of Counting).
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Modern Maths
Logical Reasoning and Visual Reasoning for MH-CET 2016

There are generally around 40-45 questions on LR and about 25 Questions on Visual reasoning in the various slots of the exam. A Majority of the questions are based on

  • Cubes,
  • Analogy,
  • Paper Folding/Cutting,
  • Complete the given pattern (Matrix type)
  • Placement of given dots (this uses the concept of Venn diagram),
  • Mirror image of the given set (set comprises of Numbers and letters),
  • Forming groups of figures (12 figures),
  • Finding similar objects as the given figure in the options,
  • Finding an option that has the pattern of the main figure, Rule based odd man out etc.
  • Input-Output tracing. A set of 8 questions were on
  • Selection criteria
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