MAT 2016 Analysis

MAT Dec 2016 Analysis

Management Aptitude Test (MAT 2016) is a national level test conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA) to screen candidates for admission to MBA and allied programs offered by the various B-schools of the country who will participate in the MAT 2016. It is conducted 4 times in a year i.e. in the month of May, September, December and February on the 1st Sunday of the Month. Candidates can choose to take either Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test as per their convenience.
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Comprehensive Analysis of MAT May 2016
The offline and online MAT was held on 01 and 07 May, 2016 respectively. There were 200 questions in 150 min comprising of five different test areas viz. Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment with 40 questions in each section. The level of difficulty was moderate to difficult.
The basic purpose of the exam analysis is to make test takers aware about the types of questions, number of questions, marking scheme, level of difficulty, sectional weightage and duration of the exam.
Exam Pattern May 2016 MAT Exam
Number of questions 200
Marking Scheme 1 mark per question
Negative Marking 0.25 marks per question
Number of Sections 5
Number of choices 4 (1,2,3,4)
Duration 150 min
Further, following table will give you insights about the marks distribution and the level of difficulty of different sections in the test.
Section Total Question Total Marks Difficulty Level Estimated Good Marks
Language Comprehension 40 40 Moderate 18
Mathematical Skills 40 40 Moderate-Difficult 14
Data Analysis & Sufficiency 40 40 Moderate 16
Intelligence & Critical Reasoning 40 40 Moderate 17
Indian and Global Environment 40 40 40 7
Overall Summary – Different Sections
Mathematical Skills
Area Description Marks Difficulty Level Estimated Marks
Arithmetic Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns 3 Moderate-Difficult 14
Time and Distance, Boats and Streams 3
Simple Equations, Ratio, proportion, Variation 6
Venn Diagrams 1
Percentages, profit, Loss, Partnership 3
Geometry and Mensuration 7
Averages 1
Simple Interest, Compound Interest 9
Coordinate Geometry 1
Higher Math Trigonometry, Heights and Distance 3 Moderate 2
Permutation and Combinations 1
probability 2
  Overall 40 Moderate - Difficult 16
The questions were basic and those with adequate practice, found them doable. The success in this section mainly depends on the conceptual clarity with calculation skills.
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Data Analysis and Sufficiency
Area Description Marks Difficulty Level Estimated Marks
Data Interpretation There were two pie charts 5 Moderate 10
The questions were based on data given in the form of Bar Graph and Pie Chart. 5
The set was based on the data given in the form of four bar charts. 5
The data was pertaining to caselet. 5
The data presented in the form of two line charts. 5
Data Sufficiency and Data Comparison Data Sufficiency- Each Question followed by two statements: A and B 8 Easy 6
Data Comparison 7
  Overall 40 Moderate 16
Overall, this section was moderate. A good strategy would be to spend around 35- 40 min for a good net score of 16.
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
Area Description Marks Difficulty Level Estimated Marks
Analytical Reasoning Distribution ( Puzzles) 4 Moderate 2
Selection 2
Blood Relations 3
Direction Sense 3
Coding Decoding 2
Cubes / Dice 4
Linear Arrangement 3
Reasoning Set ( Miscellaneous) 4
Number and Letter Series 3
Seating Arrangement ( Rectangular) 3
Miscellaneous 1
Critical Reasoning Assertion and Reasons 4 Moderate 5
Statement and Conclusions 4
  Overall 40 Moderate 20
The level of difficulty in this section was moderate to difficult. A net score of 20 or more can be classified as a good score in this section.
Language Comprehension
Area Description Marks Difficulty Level Estimated Marks
Vocabulary Antonyms of the words given in jumbled form 3 Moderate 8
Odd Man Out ( Jumbled Form) 3
Fill in the Blanks ( 2 Blanks) 3
English Usage and Grammar Most appropriate Restatement 3
Para Jumbles 4
Summary of the paragraph ( approx. 100 words) 4
Reading Comprehension Passage with the theme: Can Animals evolve quickly enough to survive Global Warming 4 Moderate 10
Passage with the theme: Delhi Metro Rail Transport System-needs and benefits, funded by Central Government 4
Passage with the theme: World Water day. The need for conserving fresh water. 4
Passage: Emerging Markets as catalyst driving global growth but vulnerable to global hitches. 4
Passage: Quality of Food intake and its impact on our life 4
  Overall 40 Moderate 18
Alliance Uni.
Questions in this section required a good knowledge of English usage and Functional Grammar. 18 marks can be considered a good score in a time limit of 30-35 min. the overall pattern of the questions was similar to last year test.
Indian and Global Environment
  • In this test area the questions were predominantly from business, current affairs, famous personalities etc.
  • A major point is that the marks scored in this section are not counted in the consolidated score.
  • Overall, level of difficulty of this section was moderate.
  • Those who read the newspaper on a regular basis found this area comfortable.
  • A good time allocation strategy was to spend around 5-10 minutes.
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