IIFT Score Calculator 2023

IIFT score calculator utilises your number of attempts, accuracy, and various other factors, so as to estimate your approximate marks and score. After the exam, candidates want to know if their performance meets the admission criteria of the institutes. To relieve your anxiety, our experts have come up with an IIFT score calculator 2023.
IIFT 2023
IIFT is an entrance test conducted for admission to the MBA program in International Business at the prestigious Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The results are typically declared in January. Based on their scores, candidates are shortlisted by the three IIFT campuses located in Delhi, Kolkata, and Kakinada. With a large pool of nearly 40,000 candidates competing for a limited number of seats, cracking this test is a formidable challenge.
In 2023, IIFT is expected to be held in the second week of December.
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IIFT Score Calculator 2023
IIFT Percentile Predictor or Score Calculator, provides an approximate figure of your actual score/ percentile, as per the information provided by you. Using this tool, you will learn about your sectional as well as overall exam performance. You must input the precise number of correct answers and attempted questions to get a reliable result. For the most accurate score, it is better to input the required details soon after the exam, as one tends to forget the exact numbers later on.
How to make use of IIFT Score Calculator?
The following steps explain the right usage of the predictor tool:
  • Go to the given link for ‘IIFT Score Predictor’. You need to to ‘sign up’ if you are not already registered.
  • Once you have signed in, you will have to fill in the requisite details.
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  • After you enter your number of attempts and correct answers, you will be provided with the required result. Further, you will know about the campus options you have.
  • Finally, you will get expert guidance for applying to your dream colleges.
How does IIFT Score Calculator work?
The predictor tool works on the basis of a range of parameters: a number of candidates appearing in IIFT 2023, your performance relative to other candidates, the difficulty level of the exam, the number of questions in IIFT, the marking scheme and exam format. With these factors, the predictor calculates your expected score.
It is important to note that IIFT considers both your overall as well as sectional score in the exam. Note that the institute also places sectional cut-off criteria, which means you need to perform well in all sections.
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Once the IIFT result is out, you can expect calls from the respective campuses for further admission rounds. Different campuses of IIFT have different cut-off scores, with the Delhi campus having the highest one, followed by Kolkata and Kakinada campuses. In addition to your percentile, your profile and performance in the successive rounds also play a role in the final admission.
FAQs about IIFT 2023
1. At what percentile will I get IIFT?
IIFT Delhi generally has an equivalent percentile cut-off of 98, while the other two campuses have a cut-off of 95-96 percentile.
2. Is calculator allowed in IIFT?
No, calculators cannot be taken during the IIFT exam.
3. What is a good score in IIFT 2023?
Since the IIFT cut-off marks are around 115-120, you should ideally target a score of 120+.
4. Does IIFT give weightage to academics?
Yes, IIFT does assign certain weightage to academic performance and diversity during shortlisting as well as final selections.
5. How many seats are there in IIFT?
IIFT Delhi and Kolkata campuses offer 250+ seats each, while there are around 60 seats at Kakinada campus.
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