How to Prepare Static GK for MBA Entrance Tests

A significant number of MBA entrance examinations, like SNAP, IIFT, MAT, CMAT, XAT etc., have a separate section on General Knowledge or General Awareness. This section can be further divided into 2 sub-sections, Static GK and Current GK. Broadly speaking, Static GK consists of areas/ topics that do not change over time

GK is a section feared by a large majority of MBA aspirants, due to the unfamiliarity of the topics involved. Since many of you are pursuing professional degrees, like engineering, law, medicine etc., it is likely that it has been some time since you have studied GK-related topics like History, Economics, Geography etc.

Why is GK Important?

GK-based questions, due to their inherent nature, provide you better accuracy. This is because, if you know the answer to a GK question, there is little scope for confusion! However, this holds true only if you do not indulge in blind guesswork. Further, GK section is time efficient, as there is no calculation-work and analysis involved. You can use this to your advantage by allocating more time to other sections of the examination.

The table below gives you an idea of the number of static GK questions, as they have appeared in the latest editions of some popular MBA entrance exams. As you can see, the proportion of static GK question with respect to total questions varies considerably across different exams. However, you must remember that the ratio of static and current questions is not fixed, and examiners may change the pattern next year. Thus, you cannot afford to ignore any one sub-section.

Exam Total Questions GK Questions Static GK Questions
IIFT 2017 114 18 10
XAT 2018 100 25 16
Level of Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the GK section varies across different examinations. The following graph shows the relative levels of difficulty of the GK section in various MBA entrance tests. You must keep this in mind, if you are targeting any one of these exams specifically and prepare accordingly.

Level of Difficulty (LoD) of GK section in different MBA Exams

You may expect questions from the following sub-topics in Static GK:
  • History - It can be further divided into Indian and World History. Indian History, especially after the 1857 revolt is more important.
  • Geography - You can expect general questions from geographical features from India and across the world. Questions on theoretical aspects of geography, like mechanism of earthquakes, volcanoes etc. are rarely asked.
  • Economy - This is an important section for all MBA entrance tests. You can expect questions from theoretical as well as practical aspects of Indian and World Economy, with special focus in India's macroeconomic indicators, like inflationary trends, GDP etc.
  • Companies and Brands - Expect questions regarding location of headquarters of major companies and parent companies of famous brands, e.g. Lifebuoy etc.
  • Indian Political System & Constitution - In this, you may be asked questions on the working of the Indian Political System e.g. political parties, pressure groups etc. Also, as far as the constitution is concerned, expect questions on major Articles, Schedules and Constitutional Amendments. Further, features of major social schemes launched by the central government in the past are very important.
  • Organizations - Major world organizations including economic organizations like WTO, IMF, and WB are important. Various political global groupings like UN and regional groups like ASEAN, SAARC, etc. are also important. You can expect questions from Indian organizations, especially Constitutional bodies like EC, CAG, UPSC, as well as major statutory organizations like RBI, SEBI etc.
  • Science &Technology - Focus is more on questions from application of science rather than theoretical aspects of Physics and Chemistry. Further, expect questions on technologies involved in communication, IT, space, biotechnology etc.
  • Sports - In it, you may be asked questions like, the sport with which a sportsperson or trophy is associated.
  • Miscellaneous - This section includes questions on various awards and honors, important international dates, books and authors etc.
How to Prepare Static GK

While the syllabus for the Static GK section seems to be very vast, it can be done effectively if we choose authentic and reliable resources to study from. "India 2018", popularly known as the "India Year Book" (by Publication Division, Government of India) is one such source. This book can be downloaded for free as well. Also, you may refer to Year Books (2018) from various publishers like Manorama, TMH etc. Further, you may also refer to the following government websites:,,

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