Current & Static GK Books for MBA Entrance

General Knowledge is the most ignored and underrated area for management entrance exams as it is not asked in the most important MBA entrance exam, CAT. But, some of the other prominent Management entrance exams namely, IIFT, XAT, SNAP, etc feature a dedicated section for General Awareness. This section is crucial because improving your GK involves consistency and can't be done overnight. Being good in GK gives you an extra edge over your competition and can go a long way in improving your overall score as it gives you the same return by investing lesser time. Moreover, in GK questions, there is no calculation or analysis involved.

The GK component of these exams can be broadly divided into Static GK and Current GK.

Static GK vs. Current GK

Following is the percentage-wise breakup of the weightage given to Static GK and Current GK questions of various management entrance exams for the past year:

Test Static GK Percentage Current GK Percentage
IIFT 55 45
XAT 64 36
SNAP 46 54
MAT 100 0

To help you score well in the GK sections of these tests, we have brought a complete encyclopedia of 4 books with all the comprehensive material at one place. These books will help you prepare well for the GK sections of all the management entrance exams, namely, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, CMAT, MAT and TISSNET.

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Following are the details of the 4 books which provide comprehensive material for GK Preparation:

Static GK Theory Book

Static GK consists of topics and areas that don't change over time. As you can see from the table above that in most of the exams, the percentage of static GK is more that Current GK. Following is a thorough analysis of top 5 areas of static GK based on previous year actual exams:

Exam Top 5 Areas of Static GK
IIFT Business and Economy, Books and Authors / Art and Culture, National and International Organizations, History, Geography
SNAP Science and Technology, National and International Organizations, Economy, History, Polity
XAT World Geography, Business and Economy, Books and Authors, Polity, Sports
MAT Sports, Economy, Business and Corporate, Govt. Schemes and Policies, Science and Technology

This book contains relevant and important material about the major areas under static GK. This all Inclusive book covers important facts and pointers on the different topics under static GK, namely, History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy and Business, Sports, Science and Technology. A must read as it will help in brushing up static GK which forms a major part of the GK Section of various management entrance exams.

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Static GK Tests

In-depth tests to check your level of preparation for Static GK. Chapter wise tests based on the topics covered in the Static GK theory book. These 40 tests will help you retain, remember and recall the important pointers from the static GK theory. These tests will also help you work on your speed and accuracy for the General Awareness Section.

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Current GK Book

This book has an exhaustive compilation of all the important and relevant current affairs from March 2016 to October 2016. This handy guide will provide you with the snippets of all the events, relevant from the point of view of the exam, which have taken place in this period. The news related to awards and honors, Business and Corporate world, Economy and Banking, Sports, etc is given in this Current GK book.

Actual Previous year GK questions

Download this book to get actual previous year GK questions of IIFT, SNAP, XAT, CMAT and MAT along with their answer keys. This book will provide insights to you about what is actually asked in the GK section of prominent entrance exams. These papers will help you in identifying your strong and weak areas and boost your preparation.

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