List of Online Reading Resources for CAT

Considering the importance of reading comprehensions in CAT and other management entrance tests, it makes absolute sense to hone your reading skills. But where do you start? and what should you read?
You can begin by reading a novel or magazine of your interest. But eventually, you must rely on the right resources to make reading a good learning experience. Beside RC portion, reading habit can also help you ace the other topics of verbal ability. Simply saying, you must spend adequate time on reading if you want to crack the CAT exam. To ease your task, here we present a list of online resources where you can read useful articles and fine-tune your reading and comprehension proficiency.
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Top Reading Resources for CAT
There are a plenty of amazing websites that let you read quality articles for free. Although several of these sites profess being the best and most popular, yet only a few actually stand upon their claims. Nevertheless, you have a variety of options to choose from. CAT RC passages are predominantly based on different areas of art, science, business, economics, etc. To develop your reading skills holistically, it is recommended that you read articles from all the given areas:
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Art, Culture & Literature:

Science & Technology:
How to Read Well for CAT?
CAT RCs are usually complex to understand and grasp. However, if you keep challenging yourself with diverse reading, you will be able to sail through the verbal section smoothly. Besides, you need to move from casual reading to a more critical and analytical way of reading. Here are a few tips to read well for CAT:
  • While reading any article, try to identify the crux of the article.
  • In most good-quality articles, each paragraph revolves around a particular idea or argument. Seek to find the connections and transitions from one para to next.
  • Identify the writer's outlook, tone, and attitude towards the topic of the article.
  • There may be some redundant information in the passages. As you read more and more, you will get efficient in sort out the useful information from the wasteful one.
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    Lastly, the reading habit will lead to improvement in your speed and accuracy in CAT RCs.
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