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CAT Preparation - Candidates must create a well planned strategy that covers every topic in the CAT syllabus. Candidates have to give 7 to 8 hours every day for the CAT preparation. To start CAT preparation, candidates should check the CAT syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility criteria and important dates. Candidates can improve their chances of success by joining online/offline coaching classes. In the coaching classes candidates get all the important information from CAT experts. Candidates can easily clear their doubts with their teachers.
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CAT 2024
The official notice for the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2024 is expected to be released in July 2024. The date of CAT 2024 is the last Sunday of November 24th November 2024. The CAT 2024 application process begins the first week of August 2024. There are more than 400+ exam centers in India where candidates can take the exam.The IIM conducts the CAT for admission to its 21 campuses. over 1,200 B-schools in India accept CAT score.
To help you get started, here is a glimpse of the expected exam pattern for CAT 2024, based on the pattern followed in the previous year. Familiarizing yourself with this pattern will give you a head start in your preparations, allowing you to strategize and approach the exam with confidence.
You can refer to the CAT Books for comprehensive coverage of CAT syllabus
Expected CAT Exam Pattern 2024
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
MCQ - 21
TITA - 3
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)
MCQ - 14
TITA - 6
Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
MCQ - 14
TITA - 8
Total No. of Questions
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CAT Preparation 2024: Stepwise Guide to Prepare for CAT Exam
Explained below are the major steps to take in order to fare well in CAT 2024:
Know the CAT Exam Pattern 2024
CAT exam comprises three major sections namely - Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). As illustrated above CAT 2024 has 24 questions in VARC, 20 questions in DILR, and 22 questions in the QA. Given below are the important features of the latest exam pattern:
Expected CAT 2024: Key Features
120 Minutes (2 hours)
Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension(VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA)
Total Marks
Marking Scheme
Correct Answer: (+3)
Incorrect Answer : (-1)
No negative marking for Non-MCQs
No penalty for unanswered questions

i. CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
VARC carries questions of moderate to high difficulty levels. After analyzing the CAT question papers we have shortlisted the most critical topics of VARC which are given below:
Verbal reasoning, Subject-verb agreement, Para jumbles, Sentence completion, Reading comprehension, Idioms, Syllogisms, Analogies, Antonyms, Jumbled paragraphs, Sentence correction, One-word substitution, Parts of speech, Preposition, Types of clauses, Phrases modifiers and Errors in tenses
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ii. CAT Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
DILR questions appear in CAT in the form of sets with 2-6 questions each. The topics of both data interpretation and logical reasoning are given almost equal weightage in the section. Mentioned below is the list of topics that you must study well for CAT DI and LR:
Caselets, Tables, Bar Graphs, Column Graphs, Line Charts, Venn Diagrams, Pie Charts, Combination of two or more types linked to each other Games & Tournaments, Number and Letter Series, Calendars; Cubes, Clocks, Venn Diagrams, Binary Logic, Seating Arrangement; Syllogism; Logical Sequence; Blood Relations.
iii. CAT Quantitative Ability
Quant section mostly includes questions from arithmetic, geometry, algebra, etc. The following are the most important topics of CAT QA:
Number Systems; LCM and HCF; Profit, Loss and Discount; Percentages; Speed, Time and Distance; Time and Work; Simple and Compound Interest; Ratio and Proportion; Averages; Quadratic Equations; Linear Equations; Complex Numbers; Logarithm; Binomial Theorem; Sequences and Series; Surds and Indices; Inequalities; Probability; Permutation and Combination; Set Theory; Functions; Geometry; Mixtures and Alligations; Trigonometry; Coordinate Geometry; and Menstruation.
Study the Syllabus for CAT 2024:
It is important to understand the CAT 2024 syllabus. The topics covered under the CAT exam are DILR, QA and VARC. The topics under QA include arithmetic, algebra, and number system. The topics under VARC are reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary and finally DILR comprises blood relations, syllogism, directions, clocks and calendars, logical connectives and sequences. tables, graphs, charts and other forms of visualization are also a part of this section. All these topics should be studied thoroughly for a successful score in CAT 2024.
Strengthen your basics
CAT preparation should ideally begin with understanding the basics of all important topics. Once you have gone through the syllabus and exam pattern start working on the fundamentals of all sections. With good conceptual clarity you will gain greater accuracy in less time. While regular reading is essential to get a hold of the verbal ability section, the other two sections demand you to invest a good amount of time in practice. After getting yourself well-versed in the basics, start solving topic-wise and chapter-wise questions.
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Give CAT Mock Tests regularly
CAT preparation is not complete without taking mock tests. These simulated CAT mocks and CAT sample papers are designed to familiarise the students with the level of the exam. Candidate can find their weakness and strengths by analyzing the results of mock tests.
Analyze the Mock Tests thoroughly and Adopt a Proper Strategy
Create a strategy after analyzing the results of a mock tests. This will help candidates in improving their weaker areas and create a strategy that increases their chances of success. When making the study plan candidates should think about how important each section is and how it relates to the CAT.
Hitbullseye's Offering for CAT 2024
Candidates can easily get all the important information of CAT exam in one place which is Hitbullseye CAT Online Coaching. Here is a list of what this course will provide you:
CAT '24 Online Prep - Study Pack
This pack of CAT study material covers ebooks, 250+ video lectures, assignments, and similar other types of resources. In this course candidates can take 170+ full-length, sectional, and topic-wise mock tests, get complete AI-based performance analysis and evaluate their current level of preparation. Besides candidates get to practice over 10,000 questions on various topics from the CAT syllabus.
CAT '24 Test Series
In this course candidates will come across 27 national mock tests simulating the actual exam pattern. Apart from the complete tests candidates can evaluate their grasp of different topics via 30 sectional tests. Subsequently candidates will receive a detailed analysis and a national-level percentile for these tests. Additionally there are 100+ non-CAT tests to aid candidates preparation for other MBA entrance exams.
CAT '24 Online Classroom - Pioneer Batch
In this all inclusive package for CAT 2024 preparation candidates will be provided with 3 live interactive concept classes every week by Hitbullseye expert faculty. The overall CAT study material in this pack covers 85+ live lectures, 250+ recorded concept lectures, 10,000+ practice questions, ebooks, assignments and other preparatory material. The course also includes 170+ national-level mock tests and sectional and chapter-wise tests to let candidates monitor their progress on a regular basis.
Free Study Material for CAT '24
This package offers targeted practice with 100+ chapter-wise and sectional tests, along with 25+ national level mock tests. You will learn about your weak and strong areas with a detailed analysis for each test. The course provides a national percentile predictor to compare your performance with that of other aspirants taking the test across the country. Apart from the test practice, this pack includes CAT study material in the form of 75+ recorded video lectures and tutorials to help you gain better conceptual clarity on various topics.
FAQs Regarding CAT Preparation 2024
  • How much preparation is required for CAT?
  • Ideally, six-month time is considered best for CAT preparation.
  • Is preparing for CAT difficult?
  • Preparing for CAT is not really difficult if you stick to a proper schedule in a disciplined manner.
  • Can a below-average student crack CAT?
  • Yes even a below-average student can crack CAT with excellent scores.
  • Should I join coaching classes?
  • Coaching classes can provide guidance and structure but self-study with the right resources is also effective. The decision depends on your learning method and needs.
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