Relieve, Reboot, and Relive at The Second Edition of TEDxFIIB

FIIB unveiled its second edition of TEDxFIIB  on Saturday (24th August 2019) to continue the tradition of sharing thought-provoking ideas, with the theme Relieve Reboot Relive. TEDxFIIB welcomed a diverse set of 9 intriguing speakers, The face of Indian football, a renowned TV anchor, the founder of India's largest dental clinic chain, first craft gin distiller from India, a zealous runner and teacher, a budding author and policy entrepreneur, a curious salesman, an innovator and data monetization strategist, and a curator of euphonic Yoga who spoke on equally diverse shades of relieve, reboot, and relive from personal examples and anecdotes. Encompassing the spirit of letting go, change mindset, and move forward the event taught how one can always choose the life they want to live.

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Speakers included Bhaichung Bhutia, Former Captain of Indian Football, Sarah jacob, Renowned Journalist, Amarinder Singh, Founder of Clove Dental Clinics, Tanya Agarwal, Runner and CEO of, Anand Virmani, CEO of Nao Spirits, Shweta Homji, CEO of Cartedo Corporation, Manan Joshi, Head - Global Sales (HEXA), SILVERPUSH, Vivan Marwaha, Author and Policy Entrepreneur, Shruti ChaturLal Sharma, Curator at Euphonic Yoga and her Divine Dance. Entertainment acts by FIIB talent - Jhankar(Harshit Kaur, Chahat Agarwal, Pallabi medhi) and The Vibe (Ashutosh Swarnakar, Tanmay Saha, Raja Ganapathy Sethuraman, Manish Chhattani, Khusbhoo Bara, Tanya Sinha, Libi Manuel, and Pallabi Medhi) The show was hosted by FIIB students (Shirly Rex, Bhavya Kalra, and Shreya). It was a day filled with introspection, humor and passion. Students got to learn that you need to close one chapter to open a new one to discover what’s in store for them. The session truly helped everyone relieve, reboot, and relive.

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