The Leadership Team at SOIL Institute of Management

The Board of Directors of School of Inspired Leadership, a unit of Grow Talent Company Limited, in their meeting in Gurgaon on 16th October decided to appoint Mr. Anil Sachdev as the Chairman of the Board.
Mr Kewal Nohria who has chaired the Board will continue as a member of the Board and would be designated as Chairman-Emeritus. He is the father of Dr Nitin Nohria, the Dean of Harvard Business School and the former Chairman of Crompton Greaves and is a highly acclaimed leader of India for many decades!!The Board placed on record the exemplary leadership provided by Mr. Nohria that has inspired and impacted all the stakeholders of the School since its inception in 2008. 
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The Board also decided to constitute the SOIL Leadership Team to run the operations of the School. 
Dr Neetika Batra, Dean of the Gurgaon Campus, Ramanathan Hariharan, President, Executive Education and Consulting and Sahil Sachdev, President and head of the Manesar Campus are the three members of this team. 
  • Dr Batra, an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce and Delhi University, has worked in Industry in Investment Banking and Academics for 25 years, has done pioneering research work in the area of Finance and has been a member of the SOIL family for over 8 years. 
  • Ram, a MBA from XLRI, has more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions in Executive Education including 8 years as the leader of this area in Indian School of Business at Hyderabad and joined SOIL in Feb 2019.
  • Sahil is a MBA from Kelly School of Business, Indian University, Bloomington, USA, has worked for ‘The Limited’, the iconic company that owns brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works for several years before founding Great Retail Brands that created’ Flip Bistro’, the QSR chain that quickly scaled up to seven stores. Sahil joined SOIL in 2016 as the Chief Growth Officer and head of Marketing. 
On this occasion, Mr. Nohria said: ‘It has been a privilege to co-found and Chair the School. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see the inner transformation brought about by our unique education model in thousands of the alumni from our Full Time and Executive Education Programs, who are working all over the World. I am sure that Anil and the SOIL Leadership Team will set new standards in higher education in the years to come. Mr. Anil Sachdev shared: 'Mr. Nohria’s Presence and energy has been a high light of my life and it is gratifying to have his continued association with the Board. The movement of SOIL has impacted thousands of life all over the world and I thank the Universe for the opportunity that we have been given to serve the well-being of all to make our world better'. 
Dr Batra said:’ It is an honor for me to be chosen as the Dean to lead our Campus at Gurgaon! This unique Institution has given all of us the platform to channel our love for students and the joy of teaching, research and learning into tangible learning outcomes for our students and value to Industry and the community’. 
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Ramanathan Hariharan shared: ‘ After spending many years in the space of Executive Education in schools such as ISB, I feel excited about my role of scaling up the excellent legacy created by SOIL in building capability of our clients that comprise of some of the best known local and global corporations’. 
Sahil Sachdev shared: ‘It has been my dream to create a higher education model that combines the best of liberal arts, Design Thinking and Management Education. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to lead the SOIL campus at Manesar- the SOIL School of Business Design to build on the outstanding legacy created by SOIL’.
Anil Sachdev said: ‘As I celebrate the 65th Birthday of my body, this is an important moment for me to thank all the people in my life including my parents, my spiritual teachers and mentors and colleagues who have made me an instrument to serve 'Higher Purpose'. I will continue to teach, consult and coach even as the SOIL Leadership Team takes on the responsibility for running the operations of our School.’
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