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Ria Prasad- I learnt all verticals of International Business, Customer Interaction, Corporate Etiquettes”
Like most of the students when I heard about the internship tenure which is as long as 9 months, even I got excited, because I knew that I’ll get industry exposure sooner than most of my friends studying in various other colleges. At the end of the day, that’s what happened, I learnt what being in a corporate sector meant after spending only 5 months with Sintex Plastics Technology Limited. Sintex was one of the finest organization that came to campus with a designation as fancy as International Business. Being an intern, I learnt all the verticals of International Business, Customer Interaction, Corporate Etiquettes. I was lucky enough to work directly with the Vice President of Sintex, Mr Lovesh Gaur who personally taught me the entire business. At last, I would say that if you’re willing to challenge yourself each day and learn things which you never imagined, then Sintex is the organization you should be in.
Advice for Future Interns:
Always express a passion for the job you’re given. While a lot of the work is “busy work,” you’re an intern and that is what you’re there for, so at least put a smile on your face because that’s what your boss is looking for. Even if you have a doubt or a problem that may be dumb, still consult with someone because it will show your willingness to learn. A network and talk with the people in your office help if an opportunity springs up outside of your cubicle, so knowing people will help you move up the career ladder.
Akshit Jain- “MILE prepared us for the Corporate World”
The MILE journey has been an unmatched experience let alone being unbeatable. They say, "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war". MILE has prepared us for similar war, called ‘Corporate World’, and MILE is one instance where sweating in peace was actually fun.
Commonly quoted attributes would be case studies, late-night meetings, outbound activities, induction but, MILE goes much more beyond that as an experience, which cannot be penned down. The academic experience with good infrastructure and excellent faculty at MILE has endured me with life-long career excellence, the exceptional programs and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead.
I am indebted to LEXICON MILE for not just my job but shaping me to the person that I’m today, when I look back I see that I have come so far but, what I got from this place is a vision to look ahead and realize how much more I have to go, and also how I need to go about that.
AYUSH UNIYAL- The internship taught me how to manage money wisely”
Life is all about the journey and less about the destination. We all started our new journey on 18th June 2018 and we were intimated that it is going to be hard if you survive this you can survive anything. The first 21 days taught us a lot especially how to stretch yourself and best comes out when you come out of your comfort zone. Now the most important task after MILE life is to get into the best internship.
Companies will come and go you just give your best, you will get many rejections too but improve yourself in every step. Decide your domain what suits you if not able to decide then experiment is the only choice left. Many companies came but nothing excited me as I am not made for sales. I wanted something different I waited for opportunities, it builds pressure on you when all your friends are getting placed and you are still unplaced, so it is the time you have to believe in yourself and grab the right opportunity which knocks your door.
It was the time opportunity knocked door it was Kantar one of the dream company of an aspirant good at quants, loves data and wants to do out of the box. 13th march was the D day the most difficult task to crack the interview that too in their place. It requires lots of confidence, hard work, self-belief. The interviewer was impressed at first glance but he wants to be double sure, so he interviewed me twice.
But finally, hard work pays off got an offer. It was a dream come true when you get the kind of job you want and that too in a great company like Kantar. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will so believe in yourself best will come. 6th May was the day I joined Kantar and since then life has transformed. colleagues, there is too supportive they make you learn by giving their valuable time and treat you as an employee only.
The internship taught me how to manage money wisely as the stipend you get in big companies is not that enough that you can live all leisure of life. It teaches me to manage time efficiently as time is money and every minute has a cost in my organization. Life is roaming around Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint and of course lots of data. Even though I did it for five days a week for 14 years at school after living life as a student for one year, getting up early sure isn’t easy – especially if you don’t go to bed before midnight.
The main thing I have adopted is going to bed earlier to be able to wake up earlier. Concentration can be limited with lack of sleep and I’ve learned that this is essential when at work – and trust me, there is only so much coffee can drink! I’ve also been advised to write everything down, as we all know it’s hard to juggle a lot of information at once – those working around me will notice the number of post-its and notebooks I go through. Alongside my internship, I must also complete weekly reports, SIP report keeping within strict deadlines.
Juggling deadlines at work and deadlines at college has been challenging, however completing reports parallel to my internship is showing me just how much I am learning, and that all the hard work is worth it. Going late at home and then cook food for you is also a challenging task as it requires lots of motivation as you are tired of all the daily work and just find the bed to lay down this is the time stomach screams that you are doing whole day stuff only for me, this motivates you to cook and as time passes you become an excellent cook.
Your weekend starts with washing your clothes and cleaning your room, so you can’t think of sleeping for late hours. At work, you just have to look at data and make stories out of it and always think beyond Clients as they can ask anything anytime, so you have to be proactive to avoid rework and donkey work. Work makes you efficient in Excel it is key to success more you become expert more efficient you become. It teaches me how data can speak a lot and to what extent you can play with data.
I was given HUL as a client, bigger the client more the responsibilities. So it is always good to work smartly to work efficiently and the journey continues even if you have reached one of the destinations. Always be ready to accept changes and learn this will make your journey smooth.
Fahad Ahmed Khan- Life at MILE has transformed me into a person who can withstand any intensity of the responsibility”
The pursuit of my PGDM has been a personal goal since I graduated from my previous University. Now that I have begun my life in the corporate, I can honestly say that it has been a challenging, yet very rewarding, duration. Management Institute for Leadership & Excellence’s PGDM program has pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to go beyond what I previously thought was my academic limit. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision by going back for my PGDM at MILE. The curriculum here is rigorous and dynamic that it aids you in shaping yourself even if you cannot.
From induction to corporate interactions, and that too on a regular basis, so that the zealous students could picture the understanding of how corporate ecosystems lives. Life at MILE has transformed me into a different individual. Into a person who can withstand any intensity of the responsibility. Like my organization currently I am associated with; it on regular basis wants me to stretch myself for work engagements. I am now work-driven whatever the task at hand my organization puts on my shoulders, I ensure from my end that I execute it with efficiency and no matter what, whether it is any occasion, holiday, festival etc.
Once, a student goes out of MILE having passed out, he/she only replenishes the place where he/she gets taken into manifolds. Reason being, it is not the individual who does such marvellous job but, rather I would say it is the MILE that is imbibing in us as an auxiliary to one’s soul.
Pankaj Mali- “MILE has brought a paradigm shift in the way I think and act”
It has been a long journey for me at MILE, MILE has given me a platform to enhance my personality, and I was a different person before. Apart from the Academics MILE has given us various opportunities to find out our hidden talents. It has been a long journey for me in MILE. MILE has given me a platform where I have developed my overall personality.
From a shy person, I am now a more confident human being. MILE has always shown a path tome with the help of which I can now achieve my goals. Besides of busy schedule, we still managed to do a lot of tasks at the same time. It has helped in developing those qualities which a managerial student must-have. I am thankful to MILE for everything.
MILE culture is helping us in a great way in our professional life. It is helping me in meeting deadlines; in a short span of time, I am able to turn things in my favour. The multi-cultural environment of MILE is helping me in interacting with the different kind of people at the workplace. MILE has different values and being disciplined is one of them which are helping me a lot in managing different things at a time. MILE is the platform where you'll get a chance to develop your personality, enhance your skills, and bring your knowledge into action.
MILE has brought a paradigm shift in the way I think and act. MILE has trained me to face the toughest of the problems and has developed a habit of never giving up. Ultimately what I've learned is to stop questioning whether I belong somewhere once I've made it there, and instead focus on pushing myself to be better.
The confidence to share our opinion, take on leadership positions, and tackle challenging problems is extremely important as we into the workplace, and I am grateful to MILE to help me find this additional confidence. And if I talk about my juniors, I see a lot of potential waiting to be harnessed. I see in them the Pankaj I was a year ago. Their time of transformation has come. I'm sure they all are going to achieve great heights in the future. My best wishes to all of them.
Rashika Gupta- The best thing about MILE is that you get exposed to practical learning via internships, interactive guest lectures, and committee work”
MILE is a place which teaches you how to unlearn and relearn in this dynamic world. The best thing about MILE is that you get exposed to practical learning via internships, interactive guest lectures, and committee work. It is a platform that gives you a good understanding of the nitty-gritty of corporate life and kick-start your career. Our one-month induction program tests your strength and gives you time to work on your improvement areas.
MILE has a strong alumni connect which keeps you up to date in the industry. At MILE, I got an opportunity to explore my area of interest. I interned in all the three general management field- Finance, Marketing and Human Resources.
Finally, I decided to pursue my career in HR and landed a great opportunity with an organization like eClerx Services Ltd. My role as an HR Business Partner has been very challenging and interesting at the same time. I feel lucky to have worked with the best mentors in eClerx which gave me an opportunity to understand and embrace my own style of working.
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