Bulls Eye Storytelling Competition

Stories become a part of our lives since the day we are born. We hear stories from our grandmother and mother as kids. The first utterance of ‘Once there was a king and queen..' instantly opens up every child’s world of imagination, although we now know it’s just a way to coax kids to sleep. Stories allow us to imagine, visualize and get inspired by what does not exist, most of the times. It is a means to convey a thought, information, or simply, one’s own feelings about a particular thing, event or person.
Now that most of you will be heading into the corporate world or become entrepreneurs, handling complex businesses and presenting proposals, one skill that will help you in presenting your point better is the art of storytelling.
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Wondering why storytelling is important for becoming an adept leader? Well, MBAs have to be expert story tellers. For marketers in particular, persuasion is the key to getting customers or clients to buy a product or service. And communicating effectively through a well-woven story is one way to impress a client.
Storytelling is essential even for internal management. For a company’s CEO, effective storytelling allows stronger communication, helping him convince his/her team or the client to believe in a product or idea. Leaders need to motivate people to reach certain goals and this is where the art of storytelling becomes vital.
Telling a compelling story of your experience or how the product should be helps the listeners understand the concept better and instead of sulking and yawning faces, you find a rapt audience. Effective storytellers know how to unite an idea with an emotion in-order to hit the right chord with the audience.
We, at Bullseye recognize the importance of storytelling for MBAs. Therefore, in-order to make you better storytellers, and thus better leaders, we’ve come up with a mind-tickling storytelling competition.
In this competition, we give you a list of words and you have to use them in a story. The story should be fictional on any genre. Start working that gray matter and weave a wonderful story!
General Instructions
  1. We give you a list of 10 words, out of which you have to use 7 of these words in your story.
  2. The story should be fictional and not an article about an event or issue.
  3. Find the meaning of these words before you start writing your story.
  4. The story should have an appropriate title and should not exceed more than 1000 words.
What’s in it for you?
You get to learn new words and enhance your vocabulary. This competition will help you improve your writing and storytelling skills. If you haven’t been reading much, start doing it now because this will help you in writing the story. Your story will be judged by our experts and the top three winners get a free chapter-wise course from Bullseye Online Classroom and a paid e-book. The icing on the cake is that the story will be published on our blog!
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These are the magical words that’ll help you create a story:
Extradited Revenge Fugitive
Ubiquitous persecuted eminent
Fragile abjure egregious
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