Create a winning Presentation – PPT making competition

Gone are the days when markers and whiteboards were used in boardrooms of corporates. This is the digital age, and everyone around us is making use of effective tools to communicate their ideas. In the corporate world, PowerPoint presentations have revolutionized the way ideas are conveyed, discussed, and analyzed.
Presentations become interesting and appealing when they are made creatively. This happens when two key aspects: the imagery and the text weave together to create communication that leads to the desired action.
PowerPoint presentations keep the audience engaged and excited, also, not letting them lose their concentration. Great PPTs attract and convince potential customers in a business, using the sense of both sight and sound simultaneously. The audience understands the content, enjoys the visuals and remembers the presentation for a long time. Impactful presentations will help you deliver the message effectively and convince the audience.
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As future leaders, you would be required to make such presentations. Even B-schools will make sure that you learn the art of making presentations from the beginning of the MBA programme. The presentations need to be made in such a way that it grabs the attention of the audience and also informs them about the topic.
Effective presentations help the listener understand the concept better and, instead of sulking and yawning faces, you find a rapt audience. Great presentations unite all of the above ideas.
We, at hitbullseye recognize the importance of PowerPoint presentations for MBA aspirants. Therefore, to help you master PowerPoint, and thus, make you effective communicators, we’ve come up with a PowerPoint making competition.
Take part in the contest and you stand a chance to win a chapter-wise course and eBook of your choice.
Send in your entries at by 8 September 2017 with the subject line ‘PPT contest_Yourname’. Save your presentation as ‘PPT_Yourname’
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Click on the PDF below to know the topic and general instructions for the competition.

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