Utilize the longest day of the year: CAT preparation plan

21st June is the longest day of the year. Summer solstice occurs every year on 21st June when the sun is directly above the tropic of cancer. It is the day with the most hours of sunlight. Well, that means you've got some extra time to prepare for CAT. I know most of you are wondering how does the longest day of the year matter to me ? Hey! Don't be skeptical about it. You should be devising a strategy to utilize this day to the fullest. The Sun will be with us a little longer and if you find nights hard to study, this is the day to make the most of it. And yes of course, we're halfway through the year, which means the countdown has begun. Only six months to go for the CAT exam and all you need is to stay calm and sharpen your skills to crack it
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."- Abraham Lincoln
Okay! So what next? Don't worry I'm here to help you out. No! I' am not going to give you a magic pill. All I'll do is give you ideas that might help you put this long evening to use and organize your learning strategy for the coming days.
  1. Be an early riser
    Like the Sun rises a bit early this day, you too can give company to the Sun. I won't go on with bragging about the benefits of waking up early. I'm sure your parents do that part quite well! Starting your day early means that you've got lots of time to study as well as spend time with yourself. What I'm going to say in the next point will surely justify that.
  2. Yoga- The fitness mantra
    You must have heard people saying 'Health is wealth'. Well it's absolutely true. Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate or does your shoulder or back hurt after sitting for long hours of study? If yes! Then Yoga is the key to help yourself. 45 minutes of yoga equals to a rejuvenated you all day long. And what better than starting your day with a session of yoga, that too on International Yoga day which is on 21st June itself.
  3. Be an avid reader
    Having a hard time with the verbal section? You should have been reading a lot to master the verbal section. But it's never too late to start and so why not this day itself. The best thing to do is pick up a fiction book and spend at least an hour or two reading it. A brewing cup of coffee and a corner in the house with a book in hand is the best thing that can happen.
  4. Be the king of vocabulary
    Being the longest day, the sun gives you ample time to learn new words. If you have been learning five words a day, maybe you can learn ten new words today. Pick up the newspaper or even the fiction book you're reading to grasp new words. The best thing will be to keep a separate diary for vocabulary and noting down every word you learn in it. You'll see the results soon enough when you're friends start calling you 'the king of vocabulary'.
  5. Practice makes a man perfect
    We've heard our teachers say - 'Practice makes a man perfect'. This is absolutely true when it comes to quant and reasoning questions. Today is the longest day and this means you can practice more questions. Spending an hour learning the theories and formulae and then jumping on to the practice questions or taking mock tests for another hour is the best thing to do. Since you've got a bonus in your kitty, after taking a break you could possibly spend an hour more to solving questions.
  6. Eat healthy, think better
    The key to staying fit and fabulous is eating a well balanced diet. Eating the right food can boost your memory and help you concentrate more. And if you've been binging on junk food, remember that this is having a negative impact on your memory and concentration. Eat a regular-three meal a day diet and snack on walnuts and almonds to keep your brain healthy.
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How you can plan your day
5 am: Wake up and get ready to kick start the day.
6-7 am: Chant the fitness mantra with a session of yoga/exercise.
7-8 am: Know the world around you by reading the newspaper.
8-9 am: Start your morning with a healthy breakfast.
9-10 am: Assess your preparation levels (area wise). Make a note of your weak and strong areas.
10-12 pm: Revise concepts of your weaker areas. Zero down on the specifics weak points and focus on conceptual clarity.
12-1 pm: Practice sample questions of weaker areas.
1-3 pm: Break for Lunch and an afternoon nap.
3-4 pm: Practice two Reading Comprehension passages. Take ten to fifteen minutes to solve each of the passages. And another ten minutes each to evaluate your performance.
4-6 pm: Pick up important quant topics and revise their theory. Follow it by solving practice questions.
6-7 pm: Relax and have a cup of tea/coffee.
7-8 pm: Solve a couple of sets from Data Interpretation/Logical Reasoning.
8-9 pm: Dinner time!
9-10 pm: Read a book, learn new words and note them down in a separate diary.
10 pm: Kudos for a productive day of preparation! Now head straight to bed for sleep!
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