Students’ experience with Bloomberg Lab at LBSIM, Delhi

Bloomberg Terminal helps us retrieve, analyze and store real-time and historic market data including prices, statistics, estimates, analysis, industry news, charts and graphs. We can glaze through what is happening in the global financial markets within a fraction of a second. Bloomberg Terminal at LBSIM is a resourceful addition helping students carry out a project and online trading. Bloomberg Market Concept is an e-learning course module certification designed to provide hands-on experience of using the terminal function and financial markets. As a beginner, this course helped me familiarize with the terminal, frequently used commands and thus find relevant information in no time.
It is an integral part of my live-industry project, summer internship as well as final year project. The financial data of public companies from the income statement and balance sheets to ratios, historical data and company news available on the terminal has helped me to carry out equity research for my live project. Moreover, industry news, sectoral reports and analyst recommendations were an essential part of my summer internship project on sectoral analysis. I have leveraged the services provided by this innovative technology to conduct Mergers and Acquisition transaction analysis, simulations, financial valuation, business research and data analytics. 
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- Shriyaa Chana, PGDM – Finance (2016-18)
The Bloomberg Terminal lab which consists of twelve dedicated Dual-Screen Terminals has enriched the research culture in Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi. Classroom teachings have been upgraded with real-time illustrations from Bloomberg Terminal available to the students on projector screens. Bloomberg is the one-stop solution for Equity research, Credit research and all type of financial assets including Equity, Currency, Fixed income securities and Commodities. Moreover, you get the access to all the Financial Markets across the globe along with their real-time trading activities.
It allows access to premium reports from Financial Institutions, Brokerage House Recommendations, Mutual Fund Activities and Fund Analysis, Sector-Wise Key Performance Indicators, Interest-Rate Probability, and Consumer Price index predictions, GDP growth forecast, Bloomberg Analyst Reviews, Industry Reports, Due Diligence Reports, etc. With a single click, you can watch Live Telecast of Bloomberg News right there on your screens.
Furthermore, you have access to Bloomberg University Research Papers and free access to Bloomberg Intelligence which delivers an independent perspective providing in-depth analysis and data sets on industries and companies, as well as the government, credit, litigation and economic factors that can impact decision-making.
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Beginners who are looking to start into financial markets can get help from Bloomberg Market Concepts which is course accredited by CFA that helps students to learn about the basics of Bloomberg Terminal Functions, Financial classes and is available on Bloomberg for free for all students.
- Vipul Grover, PGDM-Finance (2016-18)
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