Big Bull Bakars: July Edition

It’s your friendly neighborhood Big Bull once again. I know you refer to Spidy in a similar context. But then I ain’t any less than a superhero helping you in your MBA prep, right?
Okay, self-obsession aside, let me come to the point. I want to help you with something extremely crucial. No, not Game of Thrones 7 downloads. Something vital to your prep journey: like current events. It’s my girlfriend Chulbuli Cow, to be honest. She thinks I am all acads and can’t discuss current happenings with someone to save my life. So since then, I’ve been having HT, TOI, and The Hindu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now I wish to share the same gyaan with you. I hope it helps you in your MBA journey.
Here’s a roundup of all that happened in the first couple of weeks of July.
The Good:
GST what this nation ordered. Or is it?
GST finally happened! Thirteen freakin’ years since it was first discussed in the report of the Kelkar Task Force. Yayy! The move is laudable, but there’s still a lack of clarity of its intended benefits since it’s more complex than solving RC passages from a Foucault’s book.
So I even tried to simplify GST for you here. You’re welcome!
PM Modi’s love for travel Israel
Narendra Modi became the first PM to visit Israel. Lot’s of MoUs were signed , flowers were renamed, and poses struck. To be honest, the move is of giant proportions since Israel is one of India’s biggest arms suppliers, while India is one of the strongest supporters of Palestine. Which, you might know, Israel is not very fond of. Read this interesting piece on the Modi’s Israel visit here.
‘Ahmadabad saras che’ - UNESCO
Okay, UNESCO didn’t say that. I did. But they did declare Ahmadabad as a World Heritage City at the 41st UNESCO World Heritage Committee meet in Krakow, Poland. Ahmadabad is the first India city to get this honour and joins the likes of Paris, Cairo and Edinburgh.
Travelling from Delhi to Farukh Nagar is hip
Indian Railways launched India’s first solar-powered DEMU train! The train will be solar-powered with an additional battery bank facility that ensures sufficient power even in the absence of sunlight. Isn’t that awesome?
However, Indian Railways decided to run this train from on the highly sophisticated Delhi-Farukh Nagar route! Farukh Nagarr…here I come!!
The Ugly:
Seven Amarnath Yatra pilgrims killed in suspected militant attack
This is sad. Terrible. And deeply frustrating. Suspected militants attacked a bus full of pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag district, killing seven people (six were women) and injuring 18 others. Amarnath yatra isn’t oblivious to terrorism. Pilgrims have been attacked at least 3 times (in 2000, 2001 and 2002) killing at least 54 and injuring over a hundred people.
However, in a lovely display, Kashmiri people donated blood to the injured. There is hope.
Doklam stand-off
Even though you may read this on your VIVO/OPPO phones, the Indo-China relation has taken an ugly turn on the border. It started when China began to construct a road in Doklam (an area of conflict between China and Bhutan; India never laid claim over Doklam). Apparently, China didn’t like the idea of India building new bunkers and upgrading older ones along the border in Sikkim to safeguard itself against the Chinese army. In retaliation, the Chinese building crew destroyed an Indian army bunker. Read details here. The scary part is Chinese media claims it isn’t afraid to go to a ‘war.’ Who will blink first?
(PS: Switch to Micromax RIGHT NOW!)
Other biggies
The G-20 Summit took place in Hamburg, Germany. Lots of things happened, and tangible progress was made.
India ranked 116 in the 2017 Sustainable Development Goals index (Our national football now ranks 96 btw. YEE HAW!). Also, Infosys launched driverless carts, and Neerja won the best film award at IIFA 2017.
Indonesia renamed a part of South China Sea as North Natuna Sea to secure exclusive economic zone.
Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate passed away. He had been demanding the end of one-party rule and introduction of multi-party democracy for eleven years. DAYAM!
Ana Brnabic became the first female Prime Minister of Serbia.
If I am a Bull, Roger Federer is a GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). This Tennis assassin continued to show that age is just a number bagging his nineteenth grand-slam title all that at the age of 35!
Sundar Singh Gurjar won the gold in men’s javelin throw with a best of 60.36 meters at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London. Big Achievement!
Mithali ‘Thug Life’ Raj became the highest run-getter in women’s ODIs. Also, Ravi Shastri was appointed the men’s cricket team coach. Again.
Alrighto! That is it for now. Leave your feedback yaar if you like my bakar. It’ll push me to comeback with similar Bakar more often.
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Apka Apna,
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