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The workshops will cover important topics from each section of CAT exam. The list of recorded lectures along with suggested topics for coverage is advised below for your reference. You also get access to Big Bull’s Telegram group to seek support from Hitbullseye faculty and your peers anytime

Quant Lectures

Number System

  • Factorials
  • Euler Number
  • Unit’s Digit
  • Divisibility
  • Remainder Cycles
  • Factors Questions
  • Problems on Integers
  • Last Two Digits
  • HCF & LCM based problems

Commercial Math

  • Successive Changes
  • Advanced Percentage questions
  • Interest – Installment questions
  • Advanced interest questions
  • Profit & Loss- higher level
  • Actual CAT commercial Math Questions

Ratio, Mixture & Work

  • Unit approach for work questions
  • How to solve mixture questions in seconds
  • Tricks to solve ratio Questions
  • Repeated dilution questions
  • Application of Alligation in other chapters

Arithmetic + No. System

  • Why Arithmetic is important
  • Actual CAT arithmetic Questions
  • How to solve 90% Arithmetic questions without equations.
  • Higher end integers questions

Algebra – I

  • Advanced Linear Questions
  • Advanced Quadratic Questions
  • Advanced AP, GP
  • Special Sequence & Series-AGP
  • Actual CAT questions with tricks

Time, Speed & Distance

  • Tough questions on trains
  • Fundas of Boats and Steams
  • Tricks for circular motion races
  • Advanced TSD questions
  • Application of Ratio in TSD

Algebra – II

  • Advanced Inequalities
  • Inequalities of higher order
  • Functions from CAT perspective
  • Actual CAT questions with tricks
  • Statements based advanced questions
  • Basic Integer Solutions
  • Concept of GIF and SIF

Geometry – I

  • Questions on Triangle Properties
  • Relevance and usage of Pythagorean triplets
  • Important Triangle Theorems
  • Inradius & Circumradius
  • Tricks to solve questions without formulas

Geometry – II

  • Quadrilaterals Questions
  • Angles and polygons
  • Tricks to solve CAT 2017, 18 & 19 Geometry questions
  • Usage of Percentage in Geometry
  • Wastages Percentages and importance of Symmetry in Mensuration Questions

Permutation & Combination

  • Non- Negative Integral Solutions
  • Positive integral solutions
  • Advanced Questions on P & C
  • Tricks for Actual CAT P & C questions
  • Fundas for P & C complex questions
  • Probability based on P&C
  • Theorems based Probability
Verbal Lectures

RC- Essence, context and variety

  • Analyse the challenges while solving RCs& learn the ways to overcome them
  • Analyse previous three years CAT RCs to understand the format, importance of variety and what goes inside the mind of an examiner

RC- Analysis and synthesis

  • Tricks to solve question types to know strengths & weaknesses while solving RCs.
  • Learn the importance of main idea to understand RCs well.
DI / AR Lectures

DI – Percentage change, ratio, fraction & Tables

  • Understanding of base.
  • Calculating Percentage change by shortcuts.
  • Learning of important fractions and their equivalent percentages
  • Application of ratio in finding percentage change and vice versa

DI – I => Pie, Line, Bar and Miscellaneous Graphs

  • Short Cuts to solve Questions based on single graph.
  • Traps in Questions based on multiple connected graphs.
  • Advanced level - actual CAT questions based on pure DI

Syllogism and Connectives

  • Shortcut tips for solving Syllogism questions
  • Attempting Connectives based questions accurately with rules that can be remembered easily.
  • Application of connectives in AR.

AR workshop Distribution, selection, Assignment

  • Network based AR
  • Distribution based AR
  • Team making/selection based AR

AR workshop : Based on connectives & Flow charts

  • Cracking AR questions by finding the right link in a long block.
  • Tackling previous years CAT sets efficiently
  • Usage and interpretation of connectives in AR with actual Sets

Caselets & Games

  • Games and Tournament questions
  • Goal based concept
  • Caselets based on quantitative data
  • Caselets based on AR

Venn diagram (maxima, minimum) & Level of production

  • Questions based on 2D, 3D, 4D Venn diagrams.
  • Concept of maxima/minima in Venn diagrams.
  • Learning of tricks for manipulation of data for minima and maxima questions

Block Selection – 2017 Morning + evening HW

  • Strategy to select the right blocks with the help of actual 2017 sets.
  • How to identify a set based on your strength.
  • What should be the criteria for leaving a set

Block Selection – 2018 Morning + evening HW

  • Strategy to select the right blocks with the help of actual 2018 sets
  • How to capitalize on your strength and to identify your weaknesses.
  • How to identify speed breakers and how to avoid that in the paper.

Block Selection – 2019 Morning + evening HW

  • Strategy to select the right blocks with the help of actual 2019 sets.
  • How to identify a set based on your strength.
  • How to identify speed breakers and how to avoid that in paper.

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1. Eligibility:

  • Actual Test Performance: Minimum 60%ile in any previous years CAT, XAT,CMAT & SNAP
  • Mock Test Performance: An average 60 %ile in any national evel mocks of test prep coaching institutes in current session (2020)
  • For Old Hitbullseye student: Any paid students who has been enrolled in a course of Rs 5999 or more in any of the last three years, basis average performance in at least 3 Hitbullseye mocks

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  • If found to be in violation of eligibility or scholarship terms, the access to the course will be cancelled and refund initiated after deduction of Rs. 99
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With over 20+ years of experience; Hitbullseye faculty is a brilliant mix of test prep gurus, curriculum experts and industry leaders. We have produced numerous CAT 100 percentilers and successful toppers. Our top-notch experts have helped thousands of CAT aspirants realize their dreams of getting admissions in the best MBA colleges & be placed in top companies for over two decades now.

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