Why is Mini CAT a must for all serious MBA Aspirants?

Before you begin, It is always wise to measure your strengths and map the distance you need to cover for reaching your desired destination. Hence we present you the Mini CAT.

Mini CAT is an integrated compact test with 30 expertly selected questions to test your ability for the actual CAT. The questions are a judicious mix of difficulty level and simulate actual CAT in terms of syllabus & pattern

Comprehensive Report

The Mini-CAT test is followed up by an all-inclusive report to help you analyze your performance with a microscopic lens. Your performance is drilled down to sub-sectional levels to give you complete clarity on which areas to focus. Never before has this been experimented and Big Bull is proud to be the flag bearer for this significant milestone.

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Data-driven performance analysis

BigBull Counselling

National Standing

Overall Performance

Sectional & Sub-sectional Review

Preparing a Study Calendar

Mapping a Mock strategy

Planning for Exams Beyond CAT


Amisha Mongia

IIM Bangalore

No difference between online and real classroom thanks to the faculty. The course is really comprehensive and helped me crack CAT exam. Hitbullseye also provided free college counselling which cleared lot of doubts.

Why Hitbullseye?

With an experience of more than 20 years in the test-prep industry and having mentored more than 2,00,000 students in classrooms and online, Hitbullseye has emerged as the fastest growing test-prep portal in India. We have produced numerous CAT 100 percentilers and successful toppers. Our CAT Online Classroom Course curators include experienced faculty members who are alumni of IIM and top national & international MBA colleges themselves. We, at Hitbullseye, make sure that our students get nothing but the best.

CAT’20 @ Online

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