IIFT 2016 Analysis, Answer Key & Solution

Bulls Eye is the first institute to come out with the analysis of all MBA Entrance Exams. In-depth analysis of the IIFT written test, done by best-in-the-industry experts will be available on this page on the evening of the exam day, i.e. 22nd November along with the question paper and answer keys.
IIFT 2016 Analysis
IIFT 2016 Question Paper
IIFT 2016 Answer keys
IIFT 2016 Solutions
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Students need to be familiar with the different sections and analyze the difficulty level of each section. Students should also take note of important topics from which maximum questions come in the exam and based of the peculiarity of each section a strategy should be devised in order to clear the cutoffs.
The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), an autonomous organization, is one of India's most prestigious business schools, having campuses in New Delhi and Kolkata. The IIFT 2016 Test will be held across India on November 23, 2016. Therefore the IIFT 2016 solution , IIFT 2016 answer key and IIFT 2016 analysis are going to be published only after the test has been completed.
You can expect the most comprehensive coverage on IIFT 2016 analysis to give you a complete idea of your score, expected score and other parameters. The IIFT 2016 analysis will take into account the test experiences of the candidates. Our expert mentors work with their inputs to arrive at a complete picture of the IIFT 2016 analysis, which includes the IIFT 2016 answer key also. This IIFT 2016 analysis and discussion will help you a lot in terms of planning your post-IIFT exam strategy. As declared officially IIFT 2016 Exam will comprises of 4 sections. There will be 4 options pre questions. There is negative marking of 1/3 rd of marks for the question. Marks per Question is Variable. Total time allotted for both the sections is of 2 hours. Students are expected to perform well in each section of this exam.
After the completion of IIFT exam i.e on November 22, 2016, our expert team will come up with its IIFT 2016 detailed analysis of IIFT 2016 paper. This Analysis of exam is based on the actual experiences of the test takers on Sunday,Our expert mentors will work with their inputs to give you the complete picture of the exam after the exam will be over. This analysis can help you to a great extent in planning your future strategy after the exam.
Since IIFT 2016 exam has not been conducted yet hence it is advised that student can see the detailed analysis of previous year's exam as available on our website at the following links. Previous year exam analysis will help the students to understand the IIFT paper pattern, difficulty level and question types asked in IIFT exam in previous years.
IIFT 2016 Analysis
IIFT 2016 Question Paper
IIFT 2016 Answer keys
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IIFT 2016 Exam Pattern
The IIFT written test is a multiple choice type test with questions on:
English Comprehension General Knowledge & Awareness
Logical Reasoning Quantitative Analysis
Preparing For IIFT Exam Our website offers tons of free study material for IIFT exam preparation, which you can access sitting at home. Study the area-wise IIFT preparation material and solve the mock tests there for feedback and guidance.
Quantitative Ability Section
It can includes questions from Numbers, SI & CI, Geometry, Mensuration, Logarithms, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Height & Distance and Indices & Surds Practicing with Class 5-10 NCERT maths books can work wonders for your IIFT preparation. Re-visit the basic concepts and solve the questions at the end of the chapters. Work with fraction-decimal conversions, tables, squares and cubes to economize on time. Our website offers free IIFT maths study material and thousands of category-wise questions to help you emerge successful in the test.
Logical Ability
Logical ability section in IIFT Exam consists questions from Linear word formation, Comparisons, Deductions, Coding-Decoding, Series & Analysis, Input & Output, Directions, SeatingYou may practice with thousands of questions on logical reasoning offered by our portal. Studying puzzle books e.g. Shakuntala Devi's can also help you in this regard.
Data Interpretation
DI Section in IIFT Exam can consists questions from Bar Graph, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Table, Caselets Work on approximations, decimal-fractions and percentage to boost your performance here. Try to observe and grasp the data carefully for inferences.
Verbal Ability
Verbal ability section in IIFT Exam can consists questions from Synonyms-Antonyms, Odd word out, Fill in the blanks, Spellings, Para Jumbles, Figures of speech, Grammar, Prepositions, Phrases, Analogies, Matching word meanings Read good books and newspapers and take care of the new words you find there. Consult a good dictionary for their meanings. Our website has plenty of practice questions on Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension etc. to prepare for this part. A standard book on Grammar and solving the practice questions can help you develop a better grasp.
General Awareness (GK Section)
IIFT GK section consists questions from History, Geography, Mythology, Sports, Science, Films, Awards, Literature, International Affairs, Politics, Business, Society, Industry, Economics and Banking You can study and benefit from the latest GK stuff (Economy and Business, Sports, Geography, History, Science, Polity, Prizes, Books) and Current Affairs.
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The next step in the selection process after the written exam is the Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Personal Interview round. For Group Discussions, students are divided into a group of 12 each. They are given a topic to discuss for 15-20 minutes. This is followed by essay writing in which students are given a topic on which they have to write an essay of 300 words in 20 minutes. Finally, a 3 member panel conducts Personal Interviews of all candidates.
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