Course Details & Learning Objectives

Curriculum for this course


  • Importance of essay writing
  • How to write a good essay?
  • 5 Tips for writing a good essay
  • Do's & Don'ts for WAT - Precis Writing
  • Tips for MBA Entrance Essay Writing (WAT)
  • 3 Tips: WAT – Abstract Topics
  • 3 Tips: WAT – Factual Topics
  • All ABout WAT
  • Detailed Strategy for WAT
  • eBook

    • Essay Writing for B Schools - This eBook gives a complete orientation to the essay writing task for MBA . It covers top 5 idea generating techniques for the various topics asked and step by step guide to compose impactful essays.
    • Grammar & Writing Styles for Essay - Change the description to: The eBook provides effective writing skills with the help of essential grammar rules and other essay writing tips.
    • Previous Years Essay Topics - This ebook provides previous years essay topics which help you to make the best use of them while practicing.
    • Latest Essay Topics 2021 - This ebook provides list of essay topics in 2021.
    • Impactful Writing - This ebook covers how to write impactful sentences and tips on how to write an Argumentative Essay.

    MBA Essay Writing/WAT Preparation