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Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Syllogisms, Binary and Logical Connectives.


  • Syllogism
  • Syllogism - Advanced
  • Syllogism - Complementary Pairs
  • Logical Connectives - Basic

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  • You will get an E-Book consisting of basic theory of syllogism and logical connectives. The theory will explain the various kinds of connectives used in question with their exact meaning and the inference which could be drawn from those. Besides that you will learn the meaning of negation and the application of the same in questions.


  • Practice Assignment – 1
  • Practice Assignment – 2
  • Practice Assignment – 3
  • Practice Assignment – 4

Online Tests

  • Practice OCT test - 01
  • Practice OCT test - 02

Syllogisms, Binary and Logical Connectives