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Syllogism is an important area in various competitive CAT and Non CAT exams. Throughout the course, students receive classroom-like hand-holding at every step of the course. It includes a dedicated course manual, guiding a student with actionable steps to ensure comprehensive and result-oriented learning. Course includes: 3 videos lectures, 2 live lectures, 1 eBook, 50 plus practice questions

Syllogism is a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two/more given or assumed propositions (premises). Questions based on binary logic require you to identify the true & false statements. A logical connective (also called a logical operator) is a symbol or word used to connect two or more sentences in some particular way, such that the value of the compound sentence produced depends only on that of the original sentences and on the meaning of the connective. Here you will learn the techniques & shortcuts to handle advanced questions.

What you will learn

  • The basic terms used in Syllogism and the definition of the various types of statements
  • The method to solve advanced syllogism questions
  • The literal and precise meaning of various cause-effect, if only then and either/or kind of logical connectives
  • The concept behind binary logic and the application of the same sachha/jhootha questions
  • The application of connectives in AR sets

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Syllogisms, Binary and Logical Connectives.


  • Syllogism
  • Syllogism - Advanced
  • Syllogism - Complementary Pairs
  • Logical Connectives - Basic

Live Lectures (An sms/email will be sent 30 minutes before live lecture. Live lectures are conducted on a regular basis and details will be updated here. Once available, you can view previously recorded live lecture.)

  • Lecture 1 - Basics of different types of statements used in Syllogism and Venn diagram to solve the questions, advanced syllogism questions and conditions used for complimentary pairs with the help of examples.
  • Lecture 2 - Various types of connectives and their exact meaning as used in the questions. In addition, you will understand the concept of Binary logic and the application.


  • You will get an E-Book consisting of basic theory of syllogism and logical connectives. The theory will explain the various kinds of connectives used in question with their exact meaning and the inference which could be drawn from those. Besides that you will learn the meaning of negation and the application of the same in questions.


  • Practice Assignment – 1
  • Practice Assignment – 2
  • Practice Assignment – 3
  • Practice Assignment – 4

Online Tests

  • Practice OCT test - 01
  • Practice OCT test - 02

Doubt & Discussion Group

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours.

Support & Help

  • You will be sent a Telegram Group invite link within 48 hours. If you don’t receive the link, drop your details.

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Syllogisms, Binary and Logical Connectives