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Time Speed and Distance is a vital section in CAT and non-CAT examinations that often gives sleepless nights to students. This is a topic that deals with questions on upstream, downstream, races, trains and cyclists. These questions cover concepts of relative speed, average speed, total time and distance etc. TSD is one of the most visually imaginative topics among all CAT topics and requires students to think logically. Although this topic does not have difficult formulas, the application of those formulas often becomes the Achilles Heel for students.

In-order to keep students at the top of their game in Time, Speed and Distance, we bring you a eBook comprising of 100 must solve Time, Speed and Distance questions before the CAT exam.

In this eBook, you get:

  • Questions on upstream and downstream
  • Questions about races
  • Question on trains and cyclists
  • Questions on stairways

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