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Ratio & Mixtures form an important area in various MBA entrance exams. This concept can be utilized in the Quant as well as the Data Interpretation section of CAT and non-CAT exams.

Moreover, Ratios is one such concept whose application is very valid in the real world. Grocery shopping, cooking and getting from place to place are three common, real-life situations in which ratios are prevalent. For example, comparing prices per ounce while grocery shopping, calculating the proper amounts for ingredients in recipes and determining how long a car trip might take.

Ratios are essential to correct, cost-effective performance. And great performance is the direct indicator of a great manager. And so, we’ve designed this eBook to equip you with all the knowledge about ratios.

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In this eBook, you get:

  • Ratio & Mixtures
  • Partnership
  • Mixtures and Alligation

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