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There is no shortcut to cracking CAT & is possible only through sheer dedication but, foremostly, belief in one’s aptitude. And if you already have the right strategy in place, you’ve won half the battle!

Also, this mantra was already told to you before; cracking CAT involves the perfect balancing of the art of choosing & the art of elimination. In the previous eBook, you were told about how to select the right DI set for CAT’20. Now, we’ve come up with the second volume of the same!

And we bet that this eBook is going to be as fruitful to your CAT’20 preparation as the previous one!

Mind you, these set of questions ACTUALLY came in the CAT’19 exam. And our expert DI faculty have invested much time & efforts to come up with this full-proof strategy, based upon the art of balancing, to surely enable you in cracking CAT this year.

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( Psst. Don’t forget to also download the Volume 1 of this eBook named ‘Selecting the right DI Set - CAT’20 below. )

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