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Data Interpretation tables form a vital section of CAT as well as non-CAT exams. The most frequently asked DI sets are based on tables. These DI sets require you to interpret the data table and understand the instructions given in the questions that follow. Gaining mastery over this topic requires you to practice the essential approximation tricks, percentage/decimal to fraction conversions and vice versa.

Line graphs, Bar graphs and pie charts are most commonly asked sets of DI. Usually percent change and averages are asked in data sets based on line graphs and bar graphs. You need to be well versed with approximation techniques, percentage to fraction conversion and vice versa.

The ebook consists of the basic concepts, tricks and solved examples of the following topics:

  • Percentage change
  • Tables
  • Line Graphs
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie Chart

So, without wasting any precious time, start practicing and conquer all your fears!!!!!!!!!!

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