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DILR has been the toughest section in last 2 year CAT exam. Therefore it is acting s a key differentiator when it comes to overall %ile. To ace DILR, the selection of sets and questions is very important. Surprise element is a key feature of the CAT exam. One is never sure as to what may or may not come across. Hence, one has to strike the right balance between the Art of Choosing & the Art of Elimination when it comes to DI sets.

An easy to moderate caselet can take about 10 mins to crack. A difficult one; more than 15 mins. When you only have one hour and 8 caselets, it is important to identify and categorize sets as easy, medium & difficult. They all may appear the same, but with right strategy it takes only about 5 mins to understand if a set is within your comfort zone.

In this E-Book you will learn to tackle the DI/LR section with emphasis on the art of selecting the right DI sets; which optimize your score under the time constraint. It also reflects on the best strategy which should’ve been used in selecting the DI sets to ace CAT 2018.

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