About eBook

Are you a Jack of all trades & master of none? Basically, in your mock CATs, do you get a sectional & overall %ile which is neither too good, nor too bad? With just few months left to the D day, we’re sure that you’re frantically looking for all those lost pages, where you’ve written all the formulas. Alas! You are not able to find it.

Knowing very well about these last minute learning tendencies of our students, we’ve come to your rescue yet again! Incorporating all the possible formulas you’ll need to nail CAT’19; this eBook is quite literally your saving grace. And not just for Quant, but it will also assist you in acing the DILR section of CAT’19.

This eBook is your LAST CHANCE to escalate yourself from a consistently average performance in mocks to a phenomenal one! Don’t lose out on this opportunity.

In this eBook, you get:

  • Number System
  • Algebra
  • Percentage and Profit & Loss
  • Geometry & Mensuration
  • Permutation & Combination etc.

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