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Analytical Reasoning forms an indispensable part of the CAT exam. Not just the exam, it also becomes crucial for functioning as an efficient manager. One of the most important tasks of a competent manager is to take decisions quickly and feasibly. And for that, he/she should be a master at analytical reasoning.

While some aspirants have a natural aptitude for it, some need to develop the same. And with team Hitbullseye, you know that you’ve complete hand-holding throughout your CAT-preparation journey. Hence, we have compiled this eBook to fulfill all your learning needs related to Analytical Reasoning.

You’ll find in this eBook, the entire gamut of topics relating to AR, that there can possibly be. Just go through this FREE eBook thoroughly, and you’re all set to conquer the AR section of CAT.

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Inside this eBook:

  • Maps
  • Conditional Sets
  • Assignment Sets – 3d Grid
  • Strategy for Analytical Questions
  • Solved Examples
  • AR Online Assignment
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