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Gagandeep Singh Pannu
CAT - 13'
Regional Topper

"For any CAT aspirants, tests are the true benchmark of performance, and they provide an accurate picture of one´s preparation. Given their importance, it is vital that a student selects the best possible test series that gives an actual feel of the exam. The Bulls Eye test series was complete in all these aspects, with the tests being very similar to actual CATs, and coupled with in-depth analysis, these tests ensured that I could keep a constant check of my performance in all areas."

Siddharth Thakkar
CAT - 13'

"Bulls Eye was a blessing in disguise for me. Right from the time of enrollment, I got constant help and support from the Bulls Eye team. The material, tests and value-added tips provided by Bulls Eye were of immense value, and helped me immensely. Coupled with the online tests and workshops, I can safely say that joining Bulls Eye for my MBA test prep was one of the best decisions I took."

Akanksha Sethi
CAT - 13'

"I am really thankful to Bulls Eye for helping me with my CAT preparation. Right from planning my preparation to actually sitting for the exam, I found the Bulls Eye faculty to be extremely helpful. The insightful nature of Bulls Eye material, and the comprehensive online preparations sections such as Vocab Builder ensured that I was fully prepared to handle all sections of the exam."

Anshul Garg
CAT 12'
100 Percentile

"All accolades for Bulls Eye test series. The in-depth Test Analysis feature of the test series was immensely helpful for me to identify chinks in my preparation. The percentiles are also very precise and continuous monitoring helped me to track my performance."


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Logical thinking is the process of using well-established principles of logic to derive valid conclusions. Problems involving logical reasoning ask you to formulate the structure of the problem and understand the relationship among its elements. Logical reasoning, apart from being important in tests, also carries practical value in life for problem-solving and decision-making.

In CAT Logical Reasoning, some questions are presented in the form of a paragraph followed by questions, which can be answered on the basis of the information in the paragraph. Typically, you may get 3 LR blocks in a CAT paper and you should attempt two easy ones to meet the cut-off threshold successfully. While practicing with logical reasoning questions, making a chart or a diagram is extremely helpful.

Let’s get a glimpse of the CAT Logical Reasoning questions. Officially, speaking, there is no syllabus prescribed for these questions. but we can outline some popular topics, based on our experience. It can includes questions from Symbols and Notations, Linear Sequencing, Venn Diagrams, Directional Sense, Cubes, Deductions, Logical Connectives, Seating Arrangements, Routes/ Networks, Binary Logic, Coding and Decoding, Puzzles. Out of these topics, CAT QUESTIONS on Puzzles have been the most commonly asked topic, followed by those on Deductions and Venn diagrams.

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CAT Logical Reasoning

How To Crack CAT Logical Reasoning Questions?

Try to solve the easiest 10-12 questions first. It will leave enough extra time for the more difficult questions later. Read the question stem and the stimulus carefully. Most test-takers read too quickly and ignore the details, which lands them in trouble. Read carefully all the details given and don’t jump to the answer instantly. Take your time.

Do not assume anything as you have to work on the basis of the information given to you only. Make sure to read all the choices as you need to find the best possible answer, not just a good one. Read all the choices carefully before arriving at the best answer.

Take special care of cues like “all,” “some,” or “none” while reading the information given. Other expressions like “other than,” “only” or “unless” are also very important. They can play a crucial role in limiting the scope of the information to be used while getting the right answer.

Pay close attention to “only” and “If and only if” in the information given. Saying that “The door will be locked IF AND ONLY IF both keys are used” gives a very specific condition to be met. There is just one way to lock the door - use both the keys. In comparison, if the sentence reads “The door will lock if the key is inserted,” there could be many ways to close the door, apart from using the key.

In Logical Reasoning questions that ask you to find a valid conclusion, choose the conclusion that must definitely follow from the information given. In questions requiring you to find an invalid conclusion, select the conclusion that does not definitely follow on the basis of the information.

Use a rough sheet to draw a suitable diagram, network or chart to solve the questions. Popular puzzle books like Shakuntala Devi’s and George Summers’ provide enough practice with good logical puzzles and the approaches for solving them. Work with these books to improve your score.


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