What should be your strategy for the last 25 days to CAT?

Get a preparation schedule to boost your performance in the final run up to CAT 2017

The last phase of CAT-2017 preparation has begun, and it is time for you to fine tune your preparation. This article elaborates some vital preparation aspects that you should keep in mind in these last few days. This article is a reminder to: Keep Things Simple. Remember, it never helps to complicate matters and muddle your thought processes. Let's get started then.

Ready yourself for the 3-hour physical challenge posed by CAT-2017

The first part of your battle is the physical one. You not only need to be in prime mental condition for the exam but also need to be in prime physical condition for the exam. There are quite a few of us who get too engrossed in studies and forget that physical fitness is important to achieve mental agility. To be in prime shape for the exam, make sure:

  • You exercise on a regular basis.
  • Yoga and meditation can go a long way in helping you remain mentally calm.
  • Make sure you keep a check on your diet.

Do remember that these are all homilies to help you perform better in the exam.

The second important aspect of physical preparation for the exam is developing the ability to concentrate for three hours. Make sure you study in spells of 3 hours so that you can develop the desired mental stamina and ability to concentrate for 3 hours. On the D-day, the most important ability that will come in play is the ability to stay focused, and by studying in 3-hour spells, you are developing that precise ability.

Focus on your strengths

Broadly speaking, your preparation for various topics can be divided into three broad areas:

a. Strong areas/topics

b. Indeterminate areas/topics (neither strong nor weak)

c. Weak areas/topics

At this stage, the time for targeting the third area is gone. You cannot do much about weak areas. Your primary target should be the first two areas.

Also, in the second category, there will be questions and topics that you can solve, but that take up a lot of your time. At this stage, you should target these topics and try to reduce your attempt time for these areas. If you can do that (by working extra-hard on the concepts or practising problems), you are increasing your strong areas and thereby, improving your chances for doing well in the exam.

Appear for mocks in your slots

It is important that you appear for mocks in your designated slots. Some of you might not be morning/afternoon people, and you might have gotten a slot that is not to your liking. It is important at this stage to work on this small aspect and develop a routine like the one you will encounter in the exam. Take your mocks in CAT exam slots, and this well help you mentally prepare for the exam.

Topic-wise preparation Schedule

As stated above, it is important that you keep things simple at this stage. One way of doing that is adopting a simple schedule over the next 25 days. You should ideally commit to the following schedule:

1. Solve 3 RC passages a day

2.Solve 2 LR and 2 DI sets a day

3. Target one quantitative ability topic a day and thoroughly revise it

4. Solve around ten questions each from two of the following topics ever day: Geometry / Algebra / Arithmetic/ Number System / Modern Math (20 questions in total).

5. Solve 10 to 15 questions from any of the following topics on an everyday basis: Para-jumbles, misfit sentence, paragraph summary, and critical reasoning

6. Appear for 2 to 3 mocks every week

7. Read 3 to 5 good quality articles every day.

This is the simplest possible schedule that you can adopt in the coming days and this is the simple strategy that you need to use in the next 25 days. Use this and make sure you perfect your preparation in the coming days.

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