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The Xavier Aptitude Test is a paper based common test for admission into academic programs of XLRI and other XAT Associate Member Institutes. XAT exam is divided in two parts i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2. While Paper 1 is objective, Paper 2 is subjective. It is one of toughest exam among other exams like CAT, MAT, CMAT etc. Bullseye comes up with its free online material to help its student to crack this difficult exam and it is all FREE of cost available to them. To get immediate and free access to this excellent study material one has to enroll with Bull Free Prep.

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  • * Previous year XAT GD/PI Questions
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  • * Video Tutorials on XAT Exam & lot more...

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Mock Test for XAT

The Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) organized by XLRI across the country, assesses you on a wide array of skills and is considered for admissions by more than 100 B-schools. The XAT model paper given in the XAT bulletin talks of questions on quantitative ability, verbal skills, data interpretation, decision making and general awareness. Your score in the general awareness section will not be used for determining the cut-offs for the interview, but will be given due weightage by XLRI during the final admission procedure. Other institutes also may use the general awareness score during their interview processes.

A perusal of XAT sample papers can be a good starting point for your XAT preparation. Solving such XAT model papers will give you a peek into the test before the XAT exam and help you avoid costly mistakes later. Several XAT Sample Papers, along with solutions and analysis, are available here for your benefit. All these XAT Model Papers are modeled on the actual XAT test pattern to provide a real test-like experience. These XAT sample papers are designed by experts having decades of experience in testing and teaching the XAT aspirants. All such XAT Mock Test papers should be taken in an honest spirit by simulating test-like conditions.

The XAT Mock Test papers are an ideal starting point to begin your XAT preparation. A XAT Mock Test mimics the actual XAT. Taking such a XAT Mock Test gives you an insight into the test before the actual XAT exam and enables you to avoid mistakes later. Several such XAT Mock Papers, backed by detailed solutions and analysis, can be had free of cost. All these XAT Mock Papers are developed by veterans on the actual XAT test pattern to give you an authentic test experience. You need to practice with all such XAT mock test papers in an honest spirit by creating test-like conditions. Each of the XAT Mock Test consists of two parts --- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is an objective type test, with multiple choice questions. Paper 1 of the XAT Model Paper contains Verbal Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness. Paper 2 of the XAT Sample Papers is descriptive in nature as it consists of an Essay Writing question. The number of questions for XAT 2015 is not fixed but we expect it to be between 80 and 90 and all XAT model papers have been designed accordingly. After taking these XAT Sample Papers and duly analyzing the, your score should, ideally, improve. But it depends on how you use these XAT test papers.

The XAT 2013 question paper introduced many changes ---- general awareness was included alongside the essay question in Paper-2. There were changes in Paper-1 too. Previously, questions carried differential marking with 1, 1.5 and 2-mark questions. The number of questions rose from 85 to 91 but the number of questions in decision making stayed at 25.

The following tips will help you get the most out of XAT Mock Test Papers: Attempt easy questions first. Getting such questions right initially can give you an extra shot of confidence. Try the tougher ones later. Work fast without losing sight of accuracy. Guessing can be helpful if done sensibly but random guessing can be detrimental to your test score. You should avoid wasting unnecessary time on difficult questions. Simply proceed to the next one as your mind may just get blocked sometimes. Returning to such questions later may help un-block your mind.
While solving the quantitative ability and decision-making blocks, an important thing to remember is - continue the logical thread from the main data till the very end. When you work on a question, you would consider many variables and do relevant ground work and if you have to recreate the scenario for another question, you would be under-utilizing your time.

In XAT quant part, questions that require a logical ability to analyze and apply the concepts are being given. It’s better not to approach a set with a water-tight mindset. Look deeper inside the question.

Do not take the GK part lightly. Any inputs that you give will help your overall preparation including interviews, group discussions or essay writing. Though you may benefit from solving MCQs from different sources, nothing can beat the value you get from a good reading of current affairs columns.

In case of reading comprehension passages, the answers may be hidden within the meaning of the line. The questions that test a deep grasp in terms of the author’s viewpoint, his opinion on a controversial topic or the result the author hopes to get from his readers after they finish the passage and so on --- all such questions are pretty common in the XAT paper.

XAT Test

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