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Gagandeep Singh Pannu
CAT - 13'
Regional Topper

"For any CAT aspirants, tests are the true benchmark of performance, and they provide an accurate picture of one´s preparation. Given their importance, it is vital that a student selects the best possible test series that gives an actual feel of the exam. The Bulls Eye test series was complete in all these aspects, with the tests being very similar to actual CATs, and coupled with in-depth analysis, these tests ensured that I could keep a constant check of my performance in all areas."

Siddharth Thakkar
CAT - 13'

"Bulls Eye was a blessing in disguise for me. Right from the time of enrollment, I got constant help and support from the Bulls Eye team. The material, tests and value-added tips provided by Bulls Eye were of immense value, and helped me immensely. Coupled with the online tests and workshops, I can safely say that joining Bulls Eye for my MBA test prep was one of the best decisions I took."

Akanksha Sethi
CAT - 13'

"I am really thankful to Bulls Eye for helping me with my CAT preparation. Right from planning my preparation to actually sitting for the exam, I found the Bulls Eye faculty to be extremely helpful. The insightful nature of Bulls Eye material, and the comprehensive online preparations sections such as Vocab Builder ensured that I was fully prepared to handle all sections of the exam."

Anshul Garg
CAT 12'
100 Percentile

"All accolades for Bulls Eye test series. The in-depth Test Analysis feature of the test series was immensely helpful for me to identify chinks in my preparation. The percentiles are also very precise and continuous monitoring helped me to track my performance."

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Analysis: IRMA 2011

IRMA 2011 was following a set pattern for last four years but this year the paper had different pattern. Though the number of questions and sections were the same but the difficulty level as well as the marking scheme was different. Some new types of questions were introduced this year in English Comprehension (sentence starter etc.) and Analytical Reasoning. AR section was the toughest this year while QA section was dominated by DI questions and was calculative. Issues of Social Concern (GK) section were easier as compared to last year papers. Another major change was non disclosure of the marking scheme, though negative marking was ¼th of the marks allotted to the question .So It can be inferred that different questions carried different weights.

There were 200 questions (4 Sections) in all and the time allotted was 2hrs. The four sections were as follows:
English Comprehension
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
Analytical Reasoning
Issues of Social Concern (GK)

Overview of the IRMA Paper

Time allotted2Hrs.
Total no. of questions200
Marking SchemeNot disclosed
Number of choices5
Negative Marking¼ of marks allotted to the question.
Expected cut-offs*Attempt of 125-130 with a accuracy of about 80%

Overview of Different Sections

Sr. No.SectionsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
1English Comprehension40Moderate
2Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation50Easy-Moderate
3Analytical Reasoning50Tough
4Issues of Social Concern (GK)60Easy


SECTION I: Verbal & Logical Abilities

Sr. No.Area TestedDescriptionNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
1Reading ComprehensionPassage on Science & Religion15Moderate
2Verbal AbilitySentence Starters5Easy
3Verbal AbilityPara completion10 Easy to Moderate
4Verbal AbilityCloze Test10 Easy-Moderate
  Overall  40 

Evaluation: The major change in this section this year is the introduction of new type of questions i.e. sentence starter. The students took some time to understand the directions. Rest RC, Vocab and Grammer sections were of moderate difficulty level. Fill in the blanks were missing this year.

Comfortable Attempt: 25-28 questions (with accuracy of about 75%) in about 30 minutes.

SECTION II: Quantitative ability & DI

Sr. No.Area TestedType of QuestionsNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
1DI: Data InterpretationLine Graph (Banks A, B, C)5Easy
Pie charts (Teachers in different states)5Moderate
2Data InterpretationBar Graph (Product sales)5Easy
3Data InterpretationBar Graph & Pie charts (Male & Female students)5Moderate
4Data InterpretationBar Graph (Passport Offices)5Moderate
5Data InterpretationTable (Expenditure in Universities)5Easy
6Data InterpretationQuestions on Percentage increase between years2Easy
7Data InterpretationTable (Admissions)5Easy
8Data InterpretationTable (Marks for students)5Moderate
9Data SufficiencySimple Math5Easy-Moderate
  Overall 50Easy-Moderate

Evaluation: Speed, clarity of the fundamentals of DI and immaculate time-management were the key to success in this area. Overall this section was moderate.

Comfortable Attempt: 28-32 questions (with accuracy of about 80%) in about 25-30 minutes.

SECTION III: Analytical Reasoning

Sr. No.Area TestedDescriptionNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
3ReasoningSeating Arrangement - Square5Difficult
4ReasoningLetter Arrangement4Moderate
5ReasoningSeating Arrangement - Circular7Difficult
6ReasoningCoding & decoding5Easy
7ReasoningData Sufficency5Easy
8ReasoningOdd man out5Easy
9ReasoningMiscellaneous (Comparision, Arrangement)2Moderate
10Critical ReasoningInferences on "Plasma TV"4Moderate
 Overall 50Moderate-Difficult

Evaluation: The student found this section the most difficult .A lot of questions was of arrangements (circular, square and letter) which were difficult. There were about 18 questions of arrangements A few questions of DS, odd man out and coding decoding were there and were easy. Right selection of question with proper time management was needed to clear the cut offs in this section. Students can expect lower cut offs as compared to last year cutoffs in this section.

Comfortable Attempt: 25-28 questions (with accuracy of about 80%) in about 40-45 minutes.

SECTION IV: General Awareness (Issues of Social Concern)

Evaluation: This year this section was much easier than expected. A lot of questions were direct and were easy. One with an average level of preparation could have easily attempted 40-45 questions.

Comfortable Attempt: 40-45 questions (with accuracy of about 80%) in about 20 minutes.

*Disclaimer:All the above given information is based on personal opinion of Bulls Eye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.
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