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All India Test Series (Full Access)

  • 36 Bull Mocks - Simulated Online CAT Tests which are close to actual LOD & Precise percentiles
  • 12 Bull CATs - National Level Test Series for real benchmarking across India
  • 16 Bull MATs and CMATs
  • 6 Mock XATs
  • 5 Mock SNAPs
  • Complete Test Analytics - LOD Analysis, Test Strategy, Diff wise Analysis of Attempt

Practice Full Tests (Full Access)

  • 11 Past Year Actual CATs -1999 to 2008
  • 16 Other MBA Tests IIFT (4),NMAT (5), TISS (2),IBSAT (2), NIFT (1),CET(Mh.) (2)
  • 4 Mock MATs and CMATs
  • Complete Test Analytics - LOD Analysis, Test Strategy, and Difficulty wise Analysis of Attempt

Sectional and Area Tests (Partial Access)

  • 40+ Sectional Tests for All Sections (Quant, DI, Verbal, Reasoning)
  • 100+ Chapter Wise Tests
  • Complete Test Analytics

Online Learning Modules (Full Access)

  • Comprehensive and value added e-learning portals that offer entire gamut of questions & relevant study material.

Why Bulls Eye ?


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Sectional Tests
Topic Wise Tests (Quant, DI, Verbal, GK, Reasoning)
Mock XATs
Mock SNAPs
Mock MAT & CMAT s
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Why Bulls Eye?
Bulls Eye enjoys immense popularity and trust among the aspirants for MBA, GMAT, GRE and other tests. Our exceptional results in the MBA Test Prep domain have catapulted us to an undisputed market leader position in MBA, GRE and GMAT Test Prep in North India. The popularity of our courses is amply borne out by the 6,000 students enrolling with us for classroom coaching every year. Our enviable results include All India CAT Toppers, including 100% percentilers, apart from XAT, FMS, UBS and IIFT toppers.

Three distinctive traits epitomize our working style and inform all our policies and programmes: Excellence, Consistency and Integrity. Our founding team includes IIM and XLRI alumni, under whose stewardship we have successfully trained 100,000 + students in the last 2 decades.

We bring the same time-tested success formula to your doorstep now. Our collective wisdom and experience, backed by a robust online platform, is now available in every nook and corner at the click of a mouse. Our portal makes available the best Test Prep resources in every nook and corner by delivering excellence in online education, which has been a hallmark of our classroom delivery. This is just what the doctor ordered for all those keen on shaping their dreams, sitting right at home.

Our All-India CAT Test Series is a real simulation of the real difficulty level, style and weightage of the questions you encounter in the actual CAT exam. After taking 22 Bull CATs, a National Level Test Series for national benchmarking and Bull Online Mocks in the CAT test series, you get a fairly reliable idea of what you can expect in the exam. In other words, with the Bulls Eye CAT test series, you undergo a dress rehearsal for the CAT several times before your actual stage performance, thus steering clear of all potential mistakes!

The CAT test series is designed to ensure adequate exposure to all question types based on previous test experience, so that you are never caught unawares during the actual CAT. Besides, your all-India ranking in the Bull CATs gives you a realistic idea of your competitive standing vis a vis others. The extremely helpful analysis after each Bull CAT and Bull Online Mock throws up significant pointers for future corrective action in weak / strong areas.

Since it is not a wise strategy to put all your eggs in one basket, every serious MBA aspirant should take 4-5 centralized MBA entrance tests so as to distribute his / her risk. Towards this end, the Bulls Eye test series also contains several tests targeted at other MBA exams like the XAT, NMAT, TISS-NET, CET, CMAT etc. Once again, you get here all the typical features of a Bull CAT here i.e. score, key, solutions and analysis.

All CAT test series questions in the Bull CATs and Bull Online Mocks have been duly pre-tested for validation of test questions and generating difficulty norms. So you can rest assured about the validity and the reliability (two critical features of a test) of all our Bull CATs and Bull Online Mocks in the CAT test series.

Our online testing platform is robust enough to offer you all the relevant test analytics at one place. After each Bull CAT, you will find an analysis of not only your section-wise scores and ranking, but also of each test question, how many test-takers got it right/ wrong etc. Besides, you can track your own progress through the test series with graphs that tell you about the relevant trends in your test performance.

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